Conservative Comedy 4/17/15

Allahu Akbar It's Friday

It’s Conservative Comedy time at the Strident Conservative. As I do every Friday, I bring you some of the best conservative political and religious comedy, jokes, and satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend.

The Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change notes that yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marked the sad occasion with a speech in which he likened the United States’ tentative deal with Iran to the European appeasement to Hitler which let to World War II and the Holocaust. Or perhaps “Holocaust I” as it may be known after “Holocaust II” occurs on Barack Obama’s timetable.

Russia is already preparing to ship “defensive” missiles to Iran as soon as sanctions are lifted, and those mischievous psychopaths in North Korea are planning on selling missile system parts to Obama’s pals as well. And even the president acknowledges that the “best case” scenario for his deal will only forestall the possible incineration of the Jewish state for 10 years. And that’s assuming that Iran, for the first time ever , lives up to their word.

Jodi Miller at Newsbusted takes us into the weekend with these headlines: The nuclear deal with Iran, Rand Paul announces his candidacy, and Rahm Emanuel wins re-election. Additional stories include: The United Nations and Obama look at Yemen, global warming is causing people to freeze to death, and Madonna’s attempt at stand up. She wraps up her show with a story about Ellen DeGeneres’ divorce.

Tax Day was this week. Check out the best song ever, Tax Code Edition, as Go Remy with Reason TV channels One Direction to help us understand the tax code.

Obama said at a recent Prayer breakfast that Christians behave less than loving. AlfonZo Rachel has noticed how he is turning Christians towards Islam. Also, high-profile Christian artists are rubbing elbows with Democrats. Republicans would do well to be more supportive of conservative artists like Zo’s band 20 lb Sledge. Visit their website!

Zo is a Christian conservative social / political humorist, whose work is distinguished by his grinning delivery and rapid fire rant style in his video commentaries called, ZoNation, featured on PJ Media. If you like his work, you can experience the creative energy and conservative insight that Zo delivers in every show by ordering the ZoNation Complete Series Collection.

Have a great weekend!