Confidence in Republican cowards is why America is losing liberty

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Confidence in Republican cowards is why America is losing liberty

America is losing her liberty because conservatives have placed their confidence in a Republican Party unwilling to defend it.

Like falling dominos, Sometimes-Trump cowards have destroyed conservatism, leading to the fall of a Republican Party lacking the desire to fight for anything other than its own political preservation.

The current state of American politics depends on a projection of strength, and many assume that the loudest and most vocal represent the view of the majority. This belief has benefited the Democrat Party, where activism and protests are the staple of the progressive left.

Virtue signaling. Wokeness. Climate change. The Occupy Movement. Demands for increased regulation. A relentless pursuit of free everything (except people). These are just some of the ways progressives and Marxists in the Democrat Party project strength as they entrench themselves in the Freedom of Assembly clause of the First Amendment while simultaneously dismantling the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Large, angry crowds are to politicians what Kryptonite is to Superman, sunlight is to a vampire, or snakes are to Indiana Jones. And it is this sheepish, paralyzing fear that has the Republican Party for decades.

They fear the labels hurled at them by an emotionally driven mob. They fear how they may be perceived in the media. They fear losing their seat in the halls of power. They see little need to exercise the authority voters have placed with them, choosing instead to cower to their Democrat rivals, Republican Party leadership and since 2016, Donald Trump.

Why is that? Why are the lions and tigers and bears of Washington, DC, more frightening to Republicans than the voters who pull the lever in their favor every few years? The answer may infuriate those who stand accused almost as much as it may those of us leveling the accusation.

Fear controls. Fear keeps the peasants in line. Fear retains membership. Fear is a tool used by Republican cowards to ensure they retain their seats of power, allowing them to continue hiding among the body politic because it’s safer there.

When you add fear to their inaction and progressive ideology, the result is the spineless, moderate, Republican coward.

Over time, the line of demarcation between Republicans and Democrats no longer stands on the Constitution but rather on the moderates in both parties. Neither party defends the foundations of our American Republic. Instead, they defend their source of revenue. They are in it for the money … our money.

When Republicans, groomed by a progressive agenda, agree in full or in part that government is responsible for “making things better,” improving society, or purifying humanity, the difference between them and Democrats is reduced to nuance and point of view.

Republicans want to control people and coerce compliance just as much as Democrats.

Regulating conduct through burdensome laws and a bloated bureaucracy are the most effective tools at their disposal though Republican cowards will never admit it. So, they simply step aside to allow Democrats to author the legislation while offering only a cursory protest before they “negotiate” a bipartisan alternative.

Gun control. Deficit spending. Immigration reform. Obamacare. These are some of the fruits of their political incest. Unfortunately, bipartisan legislation always moves America further left.

Why do Republicans always concede to Democrat demands? Are they incapable of proposing legislation that accomplishes their own “stated” agenda and platform? Do they even have an agenda or platform anymore? Quite frankly, Republicans lack any consistent position on most issues, and there is no policy where surrender isn’t preferred to courage.

How many times over the years have we heard Mitch McConnell promise great and marvelous things once Republicans have a majority? And how many times have Republicans accomplished diddly when they did?

From 2016 to present, Republican cowards found someone new to fear; someone not burdened with steadfast ideals. Donald Trump provided the cover they needed to do nothing. All he demanded was their unconditional loyalty in exchange for their oath to defend and protect the Constitution.

Trump absolved Republicans of all responsibility. He ran the show from the Oval Office. His policy positions changed daily. He blurred the lines of conservatism by touting nationalism over conservatism. He openly debased those who dared to speak an unkind word in reference to him. He mocked the media as the enemy of the American people.

The entire Republican Party, so allergic to courage that even if a spine were donated to them their bodies would reject the transplant, had found their political messiah in Donald Trump and declared him to be God’s chosen, and they willingly laid their tinfoil crowns at his feet.

History is replete with evidence that nearly every time such a leader takes control of cowards, there is very little he cannot get away with because there aren’t many cowards willing to speak out against him. Atrocities have been committed under such circumstances.

A coward in the service of such a man — a man overwrought with narcissism and a false sense of self-confidence bordering on the pathological — has always been a recipe for disaster.

Republicans have abandoned reason, the party platform, policy, and position; the rule of law, the Constitution, individual liberty, and the Republic itself have all been surrendered by their fear of Donald Trump.

Even though fear is the only condition Republican cowards can operate in with any confidence, voters will sadly, but inevitably, pull the lever for them again and again because they have bought into the lies and fear being pedaled by both Democrats and Republicans.

Misplaced confidence in Republican cowards is the very reason America is losing her liberty.

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* Portions of this article were provided by Strident Conservative contributor Eric Buss.


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