Chameleon Mitt Romney tries changing colors from blue to red in U.S. Senate bid

As expected, Mitt Romney made his decision to run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Orrin Hatch official on Friday. Despite fears to the contrary, Romney–who wants the people of Utah to know they can support his carpetbagger campaign because he’s “a Utahn at heart”–assured GOP party bosses in the Beehive State that, while he will continue to “call them like (he) sees them,” the Massachusetts liberal sees Trump differently now than when he called him a fraud in 2016, and he will now support the New York liberal’s agenda.

Romney isn’t called the Etch-a-Sketch politician for nothing.

At a Utah County fundraiser, Romney outlined the concerns that led to his decision to run–a list that sounded like he was running for office in Massachusetts instead of Utah–including: solving intergenerational poverty, reducing carbon emissions, lowering healthcare costs, and restructuring federal land management.

Of course, these left-leaning priorities are nothing new for the man fellow Republicans have taken to calling “Massachusetts Mitt.”

Last summer, Romney was asked how he would deal with voter frustration over the GOP’s repeated failure to keep their promises. In response, he “urged national leaders to take on big problems, including issues that the GOP has rarely put at the fore … such as climate change, poverty, education and income inequality.”

Romney launched his Senate bid earlier in the day with a video on social media where he essentially endorsed amnesty and citizenship for illegals while touting how Utah values are better than Washington values in areas like trade and balanced budgets while conveniently leaving out the fact that Utah is constitutionally required to balance its budget.

Hey, I wonder if that means Mitt supports a balanced budget amendment along with other Convention of States priorities. Yeah, right.

Mitt Romney is a political chameleon who changes color based on whatever serves his self-interested ambitions. That’s how he got the governor’s job in blue-state Massachusetts, and unfortunately, it’s how he will likely become the next U.S. Senator in red-state Utah.



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