A Bill of Rights for the forgotten taxpayer and consumer

It’s time for us as a movement to take things to the next level or suffer a slow and humiliating political death.

In this episode of The Conservative Conscience, we update you on all of the issues on which conservatives are being beat down. There is simply no counter-narrative on the right. It’s time for a new Contract with America that revolves around protecting taxpayers and consumers and that speaks to the hearts of many voters, conservatives and non-conservatives. And it’s time to get the candidates to sign onto it.

We go through the lessons of the 1994 effort and how to build on it and what issues and principles should be established.


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Daniel Horowitz is a Senior Editor at Conservative Review, a Conservative writer, and a policy analyst focusing on the hot-button issues in Congress. He is the author of the new book, Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America.

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