Can Conservatives believe Mitch McConnell’s gun rights promise?

McConnell with gun

You know it must be getting close to election season—and that his chance of winning isn’t looking too good—when Mitch McConnell breaks out with his rendition of “(What a) Wonderful World” (my apologies to the great Sam Cooke).

♬ Don’t know much about the GOP
Don’t know much about the TEA Party
Don’t know how a promise kept might look
Don’t know much about the oath I took

But I do know that I love you
And I know that if you love me too
What a wonderful Senate this would be

Don’t know much about Kentucky
I’ve spent too much time in DC
Don’t know how to kill Obamacare
Don’t know what a debt ceiling is for

But I know that one and one is two
And if I can get a vote from you
What a wonderful Senate this would be ♬

Mitch McConnell (RINO-KY) likes to make promises in order to “earn” your vote, he just doesn’t like keeping them all that much. In just the past few years alone, his record is full of promises made-promises broken.

Of course, Mickey hasn’t lived in DC for 30 years without learning a thing or two about talking out of both sides of his mouth. As he faces some of the toughest party opposition of his career, he’s become an expert at speaking with a forked tongue:

In what might be a sincere gesture based on his NRA rating—but could be nothing more than another “Wonderful World” moment—Mitch recently spoke at a National Rifle Association meeting and made a commitment to work to expand the rights of gun owners if he was “given the opportunity to lead a new Senate majority next year.” Sounds good until you consider some of his votes involving gun rights. According to the Northern Kentucky TEA Party, Mitch McConnell’s voting record leaves plenty of room for doubt:

  • Voted for an amendment by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) prohibiting the sale or transfer of handguns by a licensed manufacturer, importer or dealer unless a secure gun storage or safety device is provided for each handgun. 25 Republicans and 2 Democrats voted against it. [RC #17, 02/26/04]
  • Voted for Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) amendment to spend taxpayer funds for Department of Education grants used to disseminate a gun control agenda in schools and through public service announcements. [RC #32, 03/02/00]
  • Voted for Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) Amendment requiring that all guns be sold with trigger locks [RC#122, 5/18/99]
  • Voted for the 1991 Crime Bill (S. 1241), sponsored by then Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE), that imposed a waiting period for handguns and a ban on 14 types of assault style weapons. [RC #125, 07/11/91]
  • Senator McConnell cut a deal with the Democrats to allow all of Obama’s second term nominees to sail through the Senate. Included in that deal was the confirmation of anti-gun zealot Todd Jones to serve as Director of the ATF.

Government is out of control: it’s too big; it spends too much; it taxes too much; it carries too much debt; all the while stealing a little bit more of our Constitutionally protected liberties and freedom—and regardless of any promises or excuses he might give, Mitch McConnell’s schizophrenic record is part of the problem.

Considering his history, will McConnell really be the Conservative Kentucky and the rest of America needs if he becomes the majority leader in November? Will he really protect the 2nd Amendment? Or will he add another verse to his version of (What a) Wonderful World?

Of course, if Kentucky would vote for Matt Bevin on the 20th, the answer to this question would be mute.


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