2016 offered us Dem and Dem-er, 2020 will offer Dem and Dem-er Too!

During the 2016 GOP presidential primaries, Sen. Ted Cruz — before his Faustian bargain with Trump — referred to his political rival as a “New York Liberal” … and for good reason. Up until his so-called conversion as a “Christian conservative,” Trump had spent decades financially supporting fellow New York Liberals Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton along with a list of Democrats that reads like a Who’s Who of far-left Progressives.

Everyone not drinking the orange Kool-Aid in 2016 knew Trump’s far-left liberal past would destroy conservatism within the GOP — what little there was — and would ultimately give us the same policy outcomes we would have gotten had Hillary won.

Trump and the GOP have advanced a host of policies loved by Hillary and other far-left Democrats. Paid family leave? Check. Green New Deal? Check. Government-run healthcare? Check. Gun control? Check. Funding Planned Parenthood? Check.

Despite governing like Democrats — or maybe because of it — current polling shows Trump in trouble with most of the potential Democrat opponents ahead of the 2020 presidential election. And with no “wins” in the conservative column of the tally sheet to speak of, Trump and the GOP are desperate to find a way to save their rapidly declining chances of victory and will do anything to secure their positions of power.

One strategy they’ve deployed is demonizing Democrat policies as too extreme for America, even though, as stated above, Republicans are simpatico with their Unibrow Party counterparts on the “blue” side of the aisle.

Based on these indisputable facts, it should come as no surprise that Trump is willing to adopt the policy ideas of the far-left, repackage them, stamp them with a big red “R,” and present them as his own.

In an appearance on Telemundo recently, Trump expressed his support for one of the pet causes of Democratic Socialism — income inequality — and suggested the minimum wage should be raised to $15/hr. Actually, Trump being Trump, he suggested it should be higher than that. (begins at about the 14:30 mark)

“That’s a very low number, the $15 … That’s just an artificial number. I’d like to get people higher than that.”

PLEASE NOTE: Trump’s claim that his economic policies are causing wages to go up at a record pace is an election-season lie. In reality, when you factor in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) where prices are going up thanks to Trump’s trade war, wages have declined significantly.

Trump’s New York Liberal attitude about raising the federal minimum wage isn’t new. During his 2016 campaign, Trump supported raising it to $10/hr. Worse than that, however, was his Bernie Sanders-styled desire to build a new “Workers Party” to help people who “haven’t had a real wage increase in 18 years.” And as 2020 approaches, Trumps far-left liberal policies are being ignored — or worse, praised — by Trumpservatives and the faux-conservative media.

I referred to the two-party duopoly offering of Trump and Hillary in 2016 as a choice between Dem and Dem-er. Unfortunately for America, it looks like 2020 will be the sequel.

Let’s call it Dem and Dem-er Too!



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