11th Commandment of judicial tyrants: Thou shalt not criticize a judge


In this episode of The Conservative Conscience, Daniels observes how so many conservatives are more concerned about Trump’s criticism of judicial tyranny than … the judicial tyranny itself. Moreover, that behavior seems to be embodied by Neil Gorsuch, which is another indicator that he might be more of a John Roberts than an Antonin Scalia — a man who is personally and intellectually conservative but has too much respect for the corrupt status quo to actually fight against it.

How dare these people say we need an “independent” judiciary and are “demoralized” by “criticism” of judges when they are not demoralized by the judiciary compromising the independence of states and the other two branches of the federal government. They are practically creating an 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not criticize a judge” — except that the judges already got rid of the first Ten Commandments.

This speaks to the broader problem both in the pseudo-conservative political and legal movements. They are all on the right side in theory but never in practice when the issue reaches the inflection point.

Daniel also goes through his latest assessment of Trump through the prism of a comatose conservative movement and a Republican Party that’s far to the left of Trump (and Trump is not conservative on many issues). Rather than backing Trump on the courts and immigration and then using that unity to pressure Trump to do the right things on social issues and Obamacare (and also building up clout to stop him from saying off message and harmful things), these thumb suckers criticize him when he does what’s right and lose all their capital to rein him in when it’s needed.

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