WWJD about illegal immigration? Ask Jerry Brown

WWJD. What Would Jesus Do? This simple message often found on wristbands and tee-shirts has served as a reminder to believers to rely on Jesus to guide and direct their paths. As a born-again Cristian for many years, I have often asked the WWJD question when faced with making decisions that carry potentially serious repercussions.

Sometimes, for reasons I haven’t always understood, the answer to my question doesn’t come. But thanks to Governor Jerry Brown of California, I may have finally discovered why. You see, I always thought the “J” in WWJD stood for Jesus. However, as it turns out, it really stands for Jerry.

That’s right; the part-time Catholic Zen Buddhist and full-time left-wing wacko knows exactly what Christians should do . . . at least when it comes to illegal immigration.

In an interview on Meet the Press this past weekend, JB told Chuck Todd that building a wall and deporting illegals is unchristian. Calling Trump “Mr. Religious Fellow,” Jerry said;

“I thought we had to treat the least of these as we treat the Lord. So, I hope he would reconnect with some of his conservative evangelicals and they’ll tell him that these are human beings and they’re children of God, they should be treated that way.”

I completely see his point. After all, as the governor of the state leading the charge in murdering the unborn, Jerry most certainly knows how a Christian should treat “the least of these.” And let’s not forget California’s LGBT indoctrination of children and the recent decriminalization of child prostitution.

I wonder if Jerry is familiar with Nehemiah, a man called by God to rebuild the wall surrounding Jerusalem that had been destroyed during the Babylonian exile of the Jews around 445 BC. I’m guessing that it wouldn’t matter even if he does; he’d just write him off as another “conservative evangelical” anyway.


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