While we give speeches, liberals push policies that win them elections

So many conservative “leaders” are supercharged from Trump’s speech at CPAC, but while they focus on vanity, the Left continues to win in the political culture, law, and elections. Nowhere is this more evident than what they are doing with election law.

Today I am joined by Logan Churchwell, communications and research director for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, who spends his time fighting voter fraud and promoting 21st-century ways to secure our vote. He discusses the latest lawsuits preventing states from cleaning their voting rolls and non-citizens from voting.

“The Left has figured out that if you want to win an election you can do that without having to engage in ideas and win debates, you can win elections by working the election system itself,” warns Churchwell. “This is all about running numbers, moving bodies, tracking the mail, knowing where the mail is landing, and if you have to, force the issue through harvesting.”

As Michele Malkin warned, “Ultimately, our future will not be secured in a Fox News anchor chair.”



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