When you weren’t looking, a national COVID vaccine passport was launched

National COVID vaccine passport

When you weren’t looking, a national COVID vaccine passport was launched

COVID vaccine mandates are gradually dropping across the country and many Americans are being lulled into a state of complacency under the mistaken belief that government’s tyrannical reign has come to an end, apparently unaware that a national COVID vaccine passport was launched when they weren’t looking.

And unfortunately, even so-called “red states” are on board, with some resorting to politispeak; calling the obvious infringement on privacy rights a necessary step to protecting liberty. Yeah, really! (via Forbes.com):

Even as the omicron variant loosens its grip on the world, destinations continue to require travelers to show proof of vaccination. And, increasingly, a paper CDC vaccination card is not cutting it.

While the United States government has not issued a federal digital vaccine pass, a national standard has nevertheless emerged. To date, 21 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico offer accessibility to the SMART Health Card, a verifiable digital proof of vaccination developed through the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI), a global coalition of public and private stakeholders including Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, the Mayo Clinic and other health and tech heavyweights.

Most right-leaning states offering SMART Health Cards do it quietly, without any fanfare. But big red South Carolina expects to roll out a portal for SMART Health Cards by the end of March, reports Politico.

“This isn’t a passport,” South Carolina’s director of immunizations told Politico. “This is essentially a Covid card that people get at their convenience because it’s their record.”

Utah was one of the first red states to get on the SMART Health Card train. For former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt, a Republican who was the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the George W. Bush administration, the issue boils down to individual rights. “There’s always a question about who owns the data and the rights to access that data,” Leavitt said at a recent global forum on SMART Health Cards. “But one thing is unchallengeable. And that is, I own a right to have my own data. And to have it in a form that I can present it conveniently for the kinds of things I want to do.”

“The idea of being able to have trustworthy copies of your own health records is not a red or blue state issue,” echoes Dr. Brian Anderson, co-founder of the Vaccination Credential Initiative and chief digital health physician at MITRE. “It is an individual empowerment of your own health data. What we’re going to see over the next month is a growing number of red states recognizing and appreciating the importance of empowering their individual citizens in their states.” (emphasis mine)

In America and around the world, COVID vaccine passport mandates are spreading faster than the virus itself. And despite accusations of me being a right-wing conspiracy theorist, there are obvious parallels between a national COVID vaccine passport and a similar health-tracking system used in 1940s Nazi Germany.

COVID vaccine passport Nazi Germany health pass gesundheitspass

Nazi Germany gesundheitspass (health pass)

In 1940s Germany, the Main Office for Public Health of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party issued a health passport known as the gesundheitspass (health card. bill of health. health pass) to allegedly track the health of the German people. In reality, these passports became one of the many tools used by the Nazi Party to identify and weed out non-Aryans.

And while we haven’t seen anything like the atrocities that occurred in Nazi Germany — at least, not yet — there are striking parallels between how Hitler used health passes to control the Jews and how our government wants to use COVID passports to control Americans.

For those unwilling to consider the parallel between COVID vaccine passports and Nazi Germany, perhaps you’ll consider the parallel between COVID vaccine passports and the “social credit system” currently being used in Communist China.

Even as government works to assure us that private information will be protected for COVID vaccine passport users, the reality is that the names, phone numbers, and locations of people will be easily available — 24/7 and in real-time — thus giving the tyrants all they will need to create a social credit system in America.

Tech industry experts tell us that the digital platform used to support vaccine passports is the same platform used in China’s social credit system. Some of the areas tracked in real time by China are (via New Horizons):

  • Medical history
  • Social media posts and internet search history
  • Bank accounts and credit cards
  • Residence, employment, and criminal history
  • Relationships and religious activities
  • Political activity

Once obtained, this information is fed to a central database to create a “social credit score” used to reward or punish citizens. Those with a high score are able to participate freely in society while those with a low score are prohibited from traveling, borrowing money, keep a job, or even get their children into school.

Government and the technocrats working to push COVID vaccine passports claim they can completely protect privacy, but as we know all-too-well post-9/11, protecting privacy is secondary to government’s insatiable need for power over our daily lives — a reality made worse in the age of COVID tyranny we find ourselves living in.

Despite government assurances that COVID vaccine passports won’t be used for this purpose, they can easily be used to create a China-styled social credit system since they both use the same platform.

By the way, Pfizer has partnered with a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) payment platform which has been used to implement vaccine passports in China since COVID arrived on the scene. In a tweet from June 6, 2018, the company said it was “proud to stand with China leaders and Alipay…”

An attachment in the tweet included a quote from Pfizer’s China General Manager Wu Kun where he said, “We are honored to be a partner in China’s ‘Internet + Vaccination’ initiative.”

More than likely, state and local government leaders are working in partnership with the White House.

Under one of his first orders as president, Joe Biden instructed federal agencies to “evaluate” the idea of creating COVID vaccine passports (digital certificates) for all US citizens. Months later, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky suggested that a health pass system (COVID vaccine passports) allowing special access to certain venues for vaccinated individuals could be adopted in the United States. “I think some communities are doing that and that may very well be a path forward,” she stated in a CNN interview.

Biden claims that vaccine passport mandates are off the table, but a division within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Federal Health IT Coordinating Council) recently predicted that “vaccine credentials” will become a “de facto requirement” to participate in ordinary activities.

“From a Federal perspective, vaccines and vaccine credentials are matters of individual choice — there is no mandate for either. However, current trends suggest that vaccine credentials could nevertheless become a market-imposed de facto requirement for an individual’s return to day-to-day activities.” (emphasis mine)

The next time you hear a Republican tell you to vote for them to protect liberty, remember this: when you weren’t paying attention, they were working with Democrats to launch a national COVID vaccine passport system that destroys liberty.


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