Trump’s SCOTUS: Anti-religious liberty and anti-Second Amendment

In yesterday’s article where I detailed how the Fellowship of the Pharisees are 100 percent responsible for the Supreme Court’s pro-LGBT/anti-religious liberty ruling, I made a brief mention about how the “most conservative Supreme Court of all time” had also decided to begin erasing the Second Amendment.

When Gorsuch and crew weren’t busy rewriting Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to include a non-existent inalienable right to transgenderism, they were spending their time — or not spending it in this case — rejecting a total of ten different gun rights cases.

Some of the appeals they refused to hear include:

  • A lower court ruling that threw out a lawsuit challenging a New Jersey law requiring conceal carry permit applicants to show they have a “special reason” for wanting one.
  • The black-robed tyrants also refused to hear cases similar to the New Jersey dispute from Massachusetts and Maryland.
  • Challenges to assault weapons bans in Massachusetts and Cook County, Illinois — a jurisdiction that includes Chicago.

It would be nice to believe that the Supreme Court Trump and McConnell claims to have saved simply didn’t have room on the docket to hear these cases, but that would be fake news. The reality is that these judicial tyrants are wielding power not found in the Constitution to dump the Second Amendment one step at a time — a trend that began with the current court about a year ago.

In August 2019, Remington Arms asked the high court to hear its appeal of a lower court ruling that allowed families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings to hold gun manufacturers liable for the murders — a violation of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. In November 2019, the justices refused to hear the case, which allowed lawsuits against manufacturers to proceed.

In March 2020, the Court refused to hear a case challenging Trump’s “bump stocks” ban. The refusal left in place a lower court ruling that allowed Trump to redefine bump stocks as machine guns, which are prohibited under US law. Gorsuch agreed with this decision, by the way.

For the uninitiated, the Supreme Court has the discretion to accept or reject cases based on its own set of rules, which stipulate that only four justices need to agree to hear a case for it to proceed. Even if you factor out the four “liberal” justices, is means that at least two of the “conservative” justices agreed not to hear these Second Amendment cases.

With the exception of an NRA challenge to a New York law prohibiting gun owners from transporting their firearms outside their home — a case dismissed on a technicality — the Supreme Court has avoided the Second Amendment issue ever since the Heller Decision over ten years ago even as our gun rights are being systematically destroyed.

So much for all that “vote Republican to save the Courts” talk, wouldn’t you say?


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