Trump’s DACA announcement is a promise kept, not a promise broken

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By now you’ve probably heard about Trump’s Friday announcement that he will be signing “a very major immigration bill” within the next month that provides a “road to citizenship” to the roughly 800,000 illegal aliens who are enrolled in Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Though he called it a “bill,” he confirmed he would be issuing an executive order.

“I’m going to do a big executive order. I have the power to do it as president. And I’m going to make DACA a part of it.

“I’m going to be doing an immigration bill. One of the aspects of the bill that you will be very happy with, and that a lot of people will be, including me and a lot of Republicans, by the way, will be DACA. It gives them a road to citizenship.”

Following the announcement, many were quick to incorrectly accuse Trump of breaking yet another campaign promise. Why do I say “incorrectly?”  Because during his 2016 campaign, Trump flat-out told America that President Trump would be different than candidate Trump. So, in his mind, he didn’t lie about rescinding DACA. Instead, he kept his promise to say one thing as a candidate and do another as president.

It’s simply a fact that Trump has been pushing to save DACA and provide citizenship for illegals ever since his November 2016 victory.

In an interview with Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd during the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, Trump was asked about his plan to rescind Obama’s DACA and DREAM Act executive orders and how he planned to deal with illegal immigrants already in the country under the orders. In his usual non-specific way, Trump assured Todd “that it will work out so well” that he will insist on another interview near the end of Trump’s first term and would declare “What a great job you’ve done, President Trump.”

In a December 2016 Time Magazine interview for their “Person of the Year” edition, president-elect Trump was asked about the millions of DREAMers in the country and his campaign promise to deport millions of illegals. Trump’s answer confirmed his equivocation concerning the matter:

“We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud. They got brought here at a very young age, they’ve worked here, they’ve gone to school here. Some were good students. Some have wonderful jobs. And they’re in never-never land because they don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Just my opinion, but if there’s anyone who should know what “never-never” land is – an imaginary place where children refuse to grow up – it’s Trump!

Only months after his inauguration, Trump took his first pro-DACA steps when he issued his fake executive order “rescinding” Obama’s order. Instead of rescinding it, he gave Congress six months to make it permanent . . . or else. In other words, he lied.

In January, 2018, Trump channeled his inner Jeb Bush when he introduced what he called “a bill of love” to fix DACA. In a meeting with Democrats at the time, Trump admitted that his position on DACA would be whatever Congress tells him it should be, and he agreed to sign any bill brought to his desk because he had “confidence” Congress would come up with something “really good.” He also promised to “take the heat” from his base for lying about ending DACA.

Later that year, Lindsey Graham managed to put his pro-DACA/pro-amnesty “Gang of Eight” back together, but with enough new faces to make it a “Gang of Twenty.” One of the new faces was non other than Wunderkind Jared Kushner, who immediately informed Democrats that Ivanka’s daddy would sign ANY DACA/amnesty bill as long as it included money to pay for the border wall Trump promised would be paid for by Mexico.

After the Supreme Court agreed in November last year to hear a challenge to his fake DACA rescission, Trump met with Jared and a host of faux-conservatives – including such notables as Sens. Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Martha McSally and Josh Hawley – to begin making plans on a promise he made to work with Democrats if the high courts “remedies” DACA by overturning his executive order.

Trump never intended to rescind DACA and has always favored creating a path to citizenship for the hundreds-of-thousands millions of illegals already in the country. He just wants it re-branded with his name on it instead of Obama’s. That’s what lying narcissists do.

The only people who believe otherwise are the twitterpated Trumpists who choose to ignore his betrayal.


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