Trump isn’t the cure for RINO disease – he IS the disease!

Trump fooled yet

If you’re a regular reader or listener of the Strident Conservative, you know that I am no fan of the New York liberal running for president. No, not Bill’s wife. I’m talking about the other liberal… Donald Trump. In some of my recent conversations with the passengers on the Trump Train, I have been given many reasons for why I should hop aboard.

One of the most common reasons offered–besides the totally lame and unprovable claim that he would be better than Hillary–is that he is a true outsider; a man who will take down the RINO establishment. But this argument runs counter to the facts.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, Trump IS the RINO establishment, designed to destroy true Conservatives along with any chance we have to return America to her constitutional roots. Let me take you back to the 2014 mid-term elections.

In a year where the Republican party was promising to stop Obama if we gave them control of Capitol Hill, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner specifically targeted T.E.A. Party and other conservative groups for destruction in the primaries, and one of the primary financial backers of their scheme was Donald Trump. This tact has continued as we approach the upcoming election.

During the 2016 Republican presidential primary over the past year, McConnell and Boehner specifically targeted the conservatives while letting Trump do the heavy lifting with lies and conspiracy theories. In the end, the RINO establishment helped Trump become the presumptive nominee.

In a recent interview, McConnell rejected claims that he and Boehner were responsible for Trump’s success. Yet it was their anti-conservative leadership, essentially rubber stamping Obama’s agenda, that led to record low approval ratings for Congress and a call for someone to shake things up.

I can hear ’em now, “that’s Trump!” As I said before, the facts don’t support their claim.

When your candidate has been financially involved in the McConnell and Boehner scheme to destroy Conservatives, promises one thing in the primaries and then flips after winning (much like McConnell and Boehner) and advocates policies that sound more like the Democrat opponent, you have the very definition of RINO establishment.

Donald Trump isn’t the cure for RINO disease. He IS the disease!


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