Trump will work with Democrats to provide “great healthcare”

When the Freedom Caucus successfully stopped the House of Representatives from passing the fake repeal of Obamacare last week, it led to threats by Donald Trump to primary them in 2018. After blaming everyone under the sun for his failure, Trump promised to let Obamacare “explode” in order to replace it with “a great healthcare plan for the people.”

However, as someone who possesses a complete lack of any core principles, Trump has been moonwalking his way back from that position, and is he’s now gearing up for another shot at passing Trumpcare (a.k.a. Obamacare 2.0).

Having officially burned the bridge between the White House and the Conservatives he despises, Trump stated in an interview published this past weekend that he will make a deal with Democrats if the Freedom Caucus doesn’t fall in line.

“Well I will get the Democrats if I go the second way. The second way, which I hate to see, then the Freedom Caucus loses so big and I hate to see that, because … our plan is going to be a very good plan. When I say our plan, not phase one just: phase one, two and three added up is a great plan.

“… If we don’t get what we want, we will make a deal with the Democrats and we will have in my opinion not as good a form of healthcare, but we are going to have a very good form of healthcare and it will be a bipartisan form of healthcare.”

I guess when Trump promised to Make America Great Again™ he really meant he would make America “not as good” but “very good” again.

Democrats and liberal Republicans–but I repeat myself–have seized on Trump’s latest statement, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to complete the socialist healthcare trifecta–a single-payer system that takes care of everybody.

You may recall that taking care of everybody’s healthcare was one of Trump’s campaign promises–a promise he has repeated since the election–and he’s willing to have the government taxpayers pay for it if necessary.

We’re going to have insurance for everybody. There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for (health insurance), you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.” People covered under the (healthcare) law “can expect to have great healthcare. It will be in a much simplified form, much less expensive, and much better.”

Trump’s government-run approach to healthcare is surprisingly consistent for a man lacking any consistency when it comes to his core values. And with liberals beginning to take notice of his leftward evolution, we could be much closer to the socialist utopia they had in mind when they passed Obamacare.

Despite what the Trump chorus line might tell you, the Freedom Caucus is right to fight Trumpcare because if it ever becomes law, government-run single-payer healthcare is only a matter of time. And we must do all we can to avoid going down that road.


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