Following war declaration, Trump identifies Conservative targets for elimination

In the aftermath of the collapse of Trumpcare last week, Donald Trump declared war on Conservatives and the Heart of America as he labeled the House Freedom Caucus an enemy of the state and of his non-conservative agenda. Once war is declared, it soon becomes necessary to identify specific targets for attack, and that’s exactly what Trump began doing over the weekend.

In response to Trump’s threat against the 2018 re-election campaigns of Freedom Caucus members, the Director of Social Media, and one of Trump’s top advisors, Dan Scavino sent a possibly illegal message on his Twitter account targeting Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan.

Did you happen to notice that Scavino said nothing about Amash’s opposition to Trumpcare? Did you also notice how he resorted to using of vague imagery (auto plants and jobs) and tied those images to the implication that Amash opposes auto plants and jobs? Of course, being vague is the classic M.O. of Trump and people like him who have no core convictions. It allows them to use lies in their accusations without the burden of providing proof.

So why would Trump resort to telling a lie in order to destroy Amash? There are two reasons.

This lying behavior has been evident for as long as Trump has been calling himself a Conservative Republican. One need look no further than the personal and untrue attacks he levelled against Ted Cruz and his father during the GOP primary. In Trumpland, accusations don’t have to be true, just effective.

But hey, Conservatives and Christians needed to support him because Hillary was much worse, right?

To his credit, Amash is standing his ground in defiance of the baseless assaults hurled at him by Cheeto Jesus.

In every war, we find heroes and cowards alike. And unlike the heroism we see in Amash, we are also witnessing the cowardice of those unwilling to live the courage of their convictions. One such coward is Rep. Ted Poe of Texas who announced his resignation from the Freedom Caucus. According to Poe, opposing Trumpcare was wrong because it allowed “the perfect to be the enemy of the good.”

Personally, I have a problem calling a plan promoted by a vindictive, narcissistic, fifth-grade bully “good.” But hey, that’s just me.


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