To live in liberty, we must reject party politics and return to the Constitution

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To live in liberty, we must reject party politics and return to the Constitution

I don’t believe in party politics. I’m a Christian. I’m a conservative. I believe in the Constitution because without it we will never be free to enjoy our God-given right to liberty.

This declaration means that I only support people willing to reject party politics, adhere to the Constitution, and believe in the foundation laid out by the Founding Fathers, such as: limited federal power, states’ rights, respect for the three separate but equal branches of government, and an unwavering commitment to our unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness endowed to us by our Creator.

I don’t expect our representatives to be able to quote the Constitution verbatim, but I do expect them to know the basics of this sacred document and to make laws based on the words it contains instead of looking for ways to work around it or ignore it.

With the 2022 election nearly upon us, and with the Republican Party gearing up for the possibility of retaking the House and possibly the Senate, it’s important to remember that they are no different than their Democrat counterparts.

I wrote plenty during the Trump years about how he and the Republicans claimed to be defenders of the Constitution even as they joined hands with Democrats to systematically dismantle it. Not surprisingly, I heard from Trumpists and Republican loyalists who stridently disagreed with me as they put politics and personalities over liberty.

So, I remind them that Trump’s ignorance of the Constitution was evident during his 2016 campaign when he was asked by one of the people in attendance at a so-called “unity meeting” with Republicans about the steps he would take to protect Article I of the Constitution which outlines the powers of the legislative branch — a question motivated by Barack Obama’s abuse of executive power.

Trump responded with a promise to “protect Article I, Article II, and even Article XII,” which sounds great until you realize that there are only seven articles.

As we look back at the years that passed since that time, Trump’s ignorance and/or complete disregard of the Constitution has been on full display, confirming what we’ve always known about the New York liberal — he is a threat to liberty and the Constitution.

At the same time, Trump’s bought-and-paid-for Republican Party replaced conservatism with Nationalism, which is warmed-over Democratic Socialism with an “R” attached to it, to advance a plethora of pro-socialist/anti-Constitution ideals near and dear to the hearts of the duopoly.

Despite such a dismal track record, early polling along with Trump’s incessant flirtation with running again in 2024 suggests that there are many who still believe the lie that party politics will save America and that we can remain free and live in liberty if we simply vote Republican in November.

It’s simply a fact that liberty in America has been under assault ever since George W. Bush and a nearly unanimous Congress brought us PATRIOT Act and other liberty-killing laws post 9/11. And in the age of COVID tyranny, the assault has intensified.

During this past two years of “two weeks to flatten the curve,” we’ve witnessed an unprecedented assault on our liberty due to COVID hysteria, bringing America dangerously close to the end of her existence by the growing acceptance of socialism. Liberty-killing policies have been passed or proposed by socialist Republicans and Democrats — better known as Nationalists and Socialists — as they channel their inner Rahm Emanuel by not letting the COVID-19 “crisis” go to waste in order to do things they were unable to do before.

Nationalist Republicans — they incorrectly refer to themselves as conservatives — believe many of the same things as their Democratic Socialist counterparts. They both preach that the “evils” of capitalism and individualism are responsible for the ills of society and how we need big government to live our lives as we choose. This creates a political environment where socialism is considered the only solution to America’s ills.

A recent example of what this looks like was on display when Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell joined Democrats to advance a $1 trillion infrastructure spending package — a plan that has little to do with infrastructure and everything to do with paying off their political allies and advancing the far-left agenda of both parties in areas such as the Green New Deal.

By the way, for those ready to play the “we wouldn’t be dealing with this if Trump didn’t have the election ‘stolen’ from him” card, let me remind you that he was working with Nancy Pelosi on a plan bigger than this one during the 2020 campaign that, according to the Narcissist-in-Chief, would have made him the “greatest infrastructure president” in history. Trump’s plan included plans to spend money on most of the same far-left priorities we see in the current legislation.

This is the America we live in after years of assaults on the Constitution by the Republican/Democrat duopoly; an assault made worse in the Age of Trump.

Trumpists and Republican Nationalists — sorry if that sounded redundant — want us to believe that America will be free as long as we work to get rid of Democrats, but the bottom line is this: unless we dedicate ourselves to the Constitution and reject party politics, liberty will not survive in America.


David Leach is the owner of the Strident Conservative. He holds people of every political stripe accountable for their failure to uphold conservative values, and he promotes those values instead of political parties.

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