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The Strident Conservative – America’s source for “politically-incorrect” and “always right” news and opinion – is bringing its insightful analysis to radio.

Don't Feed The Rinos

“The Strident Conservative” is a two minute daily commentary that focuses on the news and issues relevant to Conservatives and the Constitution. With a focus on holding our political and spiritual leaders accountable for the decline of American greatness, The Strident Conservative is an equal-opportunity critic, holding members of every political stripe accountable.

“I am delighted to begin this new partnership with the Salem broadcast family,” said David Leach, Publisher of The Strident Conservative. “The SC combines poignant and honest opinion, mixed with a touch of sarcasm and satire, in ways that will appeal to listeners who still believe in the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers. I believe we are a perfect fit for the Salem network.”

For more information about the commentary, please contact David Leach at
“The Strident Conservative” commentary is available via XDS receiver at:
“SRN1 – The Strident Conservative”
5:50:00-5:52:00am ET each Monday through Friday
Or FTP at: