The “B” In Barack Stands For “Blame”

When it comes to his record of failure, Barry has let the “B” in his name stand for “Blame,” as in:

  • Blame Bush
  • Blame natural disasters
  • Blame Republicans
  • Blame the rich
  • Blame big oil
  • Blame FOX News
  • Blame big business

Well, you get the idea.

So it should come as no surprise as we approach the November election, that the one who promised his election would mark the “moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal,” will resort to playing the blame game when challenged about his multiple failures to keep his word.

The Republican National Committee is seizing on this reality in a new ad that uses Barry’s own words against himself.

Clearly, the Obama reelection strategy will hinge on Obama’s “it’s not my fault” approach to failure, as former Bush adviser Pete Wehner writes in the Weekly Standard.

The president, then, has signaled that he is going to run a campaign built on crude caricatures and false claims, whether they are directed against Mitt Romney, Congress, or the Supreme Court. No individual or institution is beyond libel.

So, remember – the “B” in Barack stands for “Blame.”

If that doesn’t work, we’ll let it stand for “Black” so he can play the race card. After all, we know how Barry likes to use race to score cheap political points. And as we see here and here, anyone who objects to his socialistic policies only do so because they are racist.


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