It’s Time To Replace Virginia’s Third Senator

Officially, Virginia only has Jim Webb and Mark Warner, but there has been a third Senator who has made Virginia his home since 1977 to serve in the Senate – Richard Lugar.

Sure, he technically represents the fine people of Indiana, but when you have been away for so long that the local election board rules that you are ineligible to vote* because you don’t meet residency requirements, maybe it’s time to face the truth of the matter.

*Lugar was able to establish residency by using the address of an uninhabitable family farm that he has never lived on

This one issue alone is reason enough for Hoosiers to vote the guy into retirement, based purely on his “Washington Insider” politics, but as we see from this endorsement of Richard Mourdock, there are more reasons for Lugar – and others of his entitlement ilk – to be shown the door.

Mourdock is popular in Indiana, having won reelection as state treasurer with 63 percent of the vote, and has impressed the grassroots, securing endorsements from a number of Tea Party groups and delivering a strong speech at CPAC. Like so many who have seen the light, Mourdock became a conservative in the age of Reagan; he is a successful oil geologist whose growing interest in thinkers such as Milton Friedman led him to run for Congress and eventually win county and statewide office.

As treasurer, Mourdock has shown himself to be both fiscally prudent and possessed of a certain fighting spirit, most prominently when he (unsuccessfully) sued to recover $6 million the state’s pension funds had lost when the Obama administration’s auto bailouts arbitrarily rewrote a century of bankruptcy law.

(A) debate between Mourdock and Lugar showed that latter still has the reflexes for the kind of homer politics that goes under the name “constituent services”; he assured the audience, for instance, that he is “thinking about corn and soybean prices every day.” But after 36 years in the Senate, Mr. Lugar evinces a political philosophy so subtle that in unfavorable light it scarcely seems to exist at all.

Whether it is his limp defense of ethanol subsidies (which Mourdock opposes), his cold praise of the “scholarly” Ryan plan, or his seeming unfamiliarity with his own voting record on Social Security, Lugar cut the figure of a man grown more accustomed to the backslapping of the cloakroom than to the candid back and forth of the town hall.

There’s also the concern over Mitt Romney if he becomes President. The only way to keep a flip-flopping moderate from playing footsy with the progressives in Washington is to have strong conservatives in Congress to keep him in line.

We have been fortunate to see the RINO edge ever closer to extinction in American politics – although two of them are about to endorse Lugar over Mourdock – but the blank-check-writing, entitlement-minded, out-of-touch, career politician is just as dangerous to seeing liberty and limited government restored.

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