Thanks to Trump and his cult, I’m STILL having a lot of fun

Every once in a while, I like to share some of the feedback I receive from those who don’t exactly see eye-to-eye with me when it comes to my no-nonsense, zero-tolerance war against progressives in both parties, the Fellowship of the Pharisees, and faux conservatives in Washington and in the media.

While I occasionally hear from those on the political left, most of my unfavorable feedback comes from those who claim to be conservative. In the Age of Trump, where Nationalism is being passed off as conservatism, and where so-called evangelicals refer to Trump as God’s Man, this comes as no surprise. But it’s a clear indication that Donald Trump is the hill they are willing to die on.

Here’s a taste of what I’ve been receiving lately. S.Z. writes:

“You are such a fake. It’s no wonder that no red state in the US will air you on their stations. You criticize everyone who is conservative and trying to make this a better country to live in. You criticize being patriotic and loving our nation. Get a life.”

I always try to respond to those who take time to contact me, even if just to thank them for doing so. And when it’s appropriate, I’ll address their accusations. Which is what I did with S.Z. when I pointed out the difference between nationalism and patriotism and that I am heard in red states like Texas and Florida.

S.Z. responded by saying, “You may be heard in parts of southern Texas, but not the panhandle,” and after defending Jerry Falwell as a man with “strong Christian beliefs,” he concluded by saying, “It is sad when a ‘so-called’ conservative like yourself criticizes the most important element of this nation’s founding.”

Besides his obvious display of ignorance concerning the “most important element” of our founding (the Constitution), S.Z. had no response when I informed him when I am indeed heard in the panhandle of Texas on KQTY in Borger, TX, which is nearly smack dab in the middle of the panhandle.

I’ll share one more with you. This one from J.A., clearly another Trumpist:

“Are you on drugs? You, sir, are no conservative! You’re a traitor to the conservative cause. STFU and get in the Trump Train! I bet you’re in love with Romney and Ryan.”

In my response I sent J.A. links where he could find numerous articles I’ve written criticizing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, but I guess the truth he found there was too much to handle because I never heard back from him.

One year ago, I wrote an article about how much fun I was having doing what I do, thanks to Trump and his cult, based on a quote by the great Andrew Breitbart when he said, “It’s fun to be liked, but when standing up for what you believe in, it’s also very fun not to be liked.”

Needless to say, I’m STILL having a lot of fun!


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