State Department’s bimbo diplomacy

Bimbos in the State Dept

If you look up the definition of the word “bimbo,” you will find that is means: an attractive, usually blonde, empty-headed woman. And if the dictionary includes a picture as an example, you might just find a snap shot of State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, who made this ignorant claim about how America can beat ISIS in a recent interview on MSNBC:

“We cannot kill our way out of the war,” said Harf. “We can help them (Muslim countries) build their economy so they can have job opportunities for these people.”

There you have it! All we need to do is provide a two-year college or vocational school education, open a local Job Service office in Mosul, raise the minimum wage, and badda-bing – badda-boom: No more beheadings! No more pedophilia or raping women and children! No more slaughtering Christians for not being Muslim.

Well, hey! At least she called it a war! But how can Obama build an economy and provide jobs in another country? He can’t even manage that in the U.S.

This really shouldn’t surprise us. It was another bimbo in the State Department, Jennifer Psaki, who joined the twitter campaign, #bringbackourgirls in response to the kidnapping of hundreds of middle school-aged girls by the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram. And later it was Jen and Marie’s boss John Kerry that blamed the rise in terrorism on global warming, which isn’t that far off. It was, after all, Obama who recently informed us that global warming is a greater threat to America’s national security than Islamic terrorism.

In the end, there are thousands of volunteers to join ISIS pouring into Iraq and Syria from countries around the globe, including Great Britain and the U.S. This ridiculous suggestion that a paycheck is all ISIS needs to change their evil ways proves that the Obama administration, and the State Department in particular, continue to deny the true motives behind ISIS and other Islamic terrorist organizations.

Either that, or the State Department is being run by bimbos.