Josh Earnest: Obama says global warming worse than terrorism

Global warming National SecurityIt was just a few days ago at the National Prayer Breakfast that Obama equated the atrocities of groups such as ISIS to those Christians during the Crusades. And it was yesterday that I wrote about Obama’s interview with, an online news site, where he stated that the mainstream media is guilty of hyping stories about Islamic terrorism because that type of story is “sexy,” while at the same time ignoring the “real” news stories such as global warming.

Presidents will often have the press secretary do some damage control when they need to backtrack on controversial statements such as these, and Obama is no exception. So when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest held a press conference on Tuesday, the subject quickly evolved to Obama’s recent controversial comments, particularly his comments about the importance of global warming over Islamic terrorism.

So, how did it go? I’m glad you asked.

Earnest confirmed, on three separate occasions, that Obama does indeed consider global warming a greater threat to National Security than Islamic terrorism.

1. “The point the president is making is that there are many more people on an annual basis who have to confront the impact, the direct impact on their lives, of climate change, or on the spread of a disease, than on terrorism.”

2. “The point that the president is making is that when you are talking about the direct daily impact of these kinds of challenges on the daily lives of Americans, particularly Americans living in this country, that the direct impact, that more people are affected by those things than by terrorism.”

3. “I think even the Department of Defense has spoken to the significant threat that climate change poses to our national security interests, principally because of the impact it can have on countries with less well-developed infrastructure than we have.”

Not only pathetic, but it was made even more so by invoking the military in his third reply to make it sound like the men and women who are responsible for fighting the war against terrorists agree with Obama about global warming being a greater threat.

This is way past serious, folks! Obama clearly believes in his policy of muslim appeasement, and he doesn’t care in the slightest what you and I think about it.

One final thought.

At the beginning of the briefing, Earnest read a moving tribute to Kaya Mueller, an American woman who was killed recently while in the custody of ISIS. Noticeably missing in his press conference was how many Americans were killed by global warming.

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