Obama’s Bureau Of Womanhood Conformity

While there isn’t really such a bureau in the Federal Government, – although, if the chosen one can appoint an “Atrocities Czar” to further a belief in One World government, why not create a “Womanhood Czar” to further the fake war on women? – the Susan B. Anthony List shows us that the policies for such a department already exist in the Obama administration.

Democrats claim to support women, but in the end they only support liberal women who believe in government-mandated healthcare, government-funded birth control and killing their unborn babies for any reason.

If you’re tired of the all-out assault launched by this administration on people of faith and conscience, if you understand that the rights of ALL Americans are at stake, and if you’re tired of liberals defining and speaking for womanhood, you can go let your voice be heard here….


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