Hillary Clinton – Leader Of The Fake War On Women

I say “fake war” because according to Hillary and many of her feminist comrades, they are defending themselves against a declared war on women .

And I refer to Hillary as the Leader – well, because she’s the Leader; just ask Meryl Streep.

Like any true leader, you must inspire your followers, even if you must resort to the Saul Alinsky tactic of “creating an issue or problem” where none exists.

Yeah, objecting to federally-funded, mandatory contraception for women in America is the equivalent of rape, torture and murder by extremists around the world, isn’t it Hill?

Taking her lead, and that of her boss – the first Feminist President – Hillary’s followers are doing their part to spread the fake message in this fake war.

  • New Jersey Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg said the Republican “men’s club” in  the Senate wants women “barefoot and pregnant,” speaking out against a GOP  effort to give employers the option not to offer contraception coverage in health insurance plans.
  • New York Times Op-Ed contributor Maureen Dowd asks the question, “Hillary Clinton has fought for women’s rights around the world. But who would have dreamed that she would have to fight for them at home?

But words are not enough when fighting a fake war. You have to take fake action if you want people to take you seriously.

The women’s group “Liberal Ladies Who Lunch” is putting together an unusual event, which it is calling “Access Denied: Sex Strike.”  The event, which is scheduled to take place between April 28 and May 5, features a poster saying “If our reproductive choices are denied, so are yours.”

I wonder if the “Liberal Ladies” realize that they are indirectly proving the fact that having sex is a choice, and therefore, not some primal force beyond their control requiring free contraception.

Nobody in this debate has advocated that “reproductive choice” be taken away from anyone. Contraceptives are currently available and will always be available. The only issue is who should pay for it.

All the rest is just a fake war on women.


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