Obamacare study confirms Obama’s economic failures

Obamacare - Great DepressionA few days ago, I shared how Obama likes to massage data to make it look like his economic policies are working.

Unemployment rate goes down? It’s not because people are finding jobs. Instead, it’s because their unemployment benefits have run out or they have become so discouraged from not finding a job that they have abandoned looking for a job. Meanwhile, food stamp usage has climbed to record highs because those same people are forced to rely on government handouts in order to eat and survive.

Now we learn from a new study that Obamacare is supplying another piece of the Obamanomics puzzle that prove how the administration is manipulating data to hide his failure.

According to the study by Families USA, one in four people who bought health insurance on their own couldn’t afford needed care — despite data that shows how Obamacare reduced the ranks of the uninsured.

“Simply having health insurance is no guarantee that consumers can afford to pay for health care,” the study says. “Health insurance involves different types of costs that consumers must pay out-of-pocket — ranging from a health plan’s deductible to copayments at a doctor’s office. These expenses add up, and research has shown that even nominal cost-sharing can deter people from getting needed care.”

The study also noted that more than 14 million previously uninsured Americans have gained health insurance since Obamacare’s open enrollment in October 2013.

In other words, while the enrollment data gives Obama the phony numbers he likes to use, the reality is that the insurance fails to provide the coverage promised.

Unfortunately, the Republican majority we elected in November 2014 is either ignorant or indifferent to these realities. Even now, Mitch “eliminate Obamacare root and branch” McConnell is preparing legislation to replace the lost subsidies — no subsidies, no Obamacare — that would result if the Supreme Court rules against Obama in the King vs Burwell case. He’s also leading the call to pass Obama’s job-killing Trade Promotion Authority (a.k.a. TPA — which should stand for “toilet paper alternative”).

Obamacare and Obama’s economic policies are a dismal failure. But the greater failure is with Mitch McConnell and the rest of the RINO club running things in Washington who continue to fiddle while America burns.