Obama cuts military while the world grows more dangerous


ISIS is marching nearly unopposed across the Middle East murdering men, women and children as they spread terror and fear on their way to establishing a caliphate; President Vladimir Putin of Russia is becoming more aggressive with each passing day—he put 40,000 Russian troops on full alert for military exercises in March—as he spreads a new brand of communism around the world; and China is building a massive military presence on man-made islands in the South China Sea.

So what, if anything, is Obama doing with the U.S. military to prepare America to deal with this increasingly dangerous world? He’s planning to cut 40,000 troops from the Army over the next two years, and that doesn’t include possible sequestration cuts.

If the automatic cuts under sequestration take effect as planned in October, the Army will have to slash another 30,000 soldiers, resulting in an Army unable to meet its current deployments nor respond to demands for troops in other regions.

Back to Putin for a moment. Did you know: while you were busy cooking up those hamburgers and hot dogs during your July 4th celebrations that four Russian nuclear-capable long-range bomber aircraft—two near Alaska and two near California—flew close enough to the U.S. that they were intercepted by military fighter jets?

But hey, it’s not all bad news for America’s military. Homosexual rape is on the increase, same-sex married couples are now eligible for spousal benefits, and Christians are being court-martialed or forced to leave the military for practicing their beliefs.

As far as ISIS is concerned, Obama does have a plan, which he announced yesterday, for dealing with the terrorist group:

“This broader challenge of countering violent extremism is not simply a military effort. Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they are defeated by better ideas and more attractive and more compelling vision.”

We’ve heard something similar to this before. It was the Bimbo Brigade at the State Department that told us we can’t “kill our way out of this war.” But wait a minute! They said all ISIS needed was better job opportunities to defeat them.

The world is a dangerous place. But with troop reductions, pro-homosexual/anti-Christian policies, a breakdown in morale, and a commitment to defeat ISIS with “better ideas” instead of guns, Obama isn’t doing all that much to make it safer.