Never Trump: The remnant of the resistance

Never Trump represents a full stop. I’m talking about Gandalf screaming, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” type of full stop. We are Fred Flintstone planting feet to go from 60 to 0 in 3.2 seconds. We are unshakable in our resolve and we will remain that way. That is why we are so baffling to the Trump supporting ranks. They do not hold such deep convictions on issues critical to Conservatives, Christians or Constitutionalists. Because I am tired of holding back, tired of shallow arguments and tired of giving those who back Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt, I am going to merge the 1st and 2nd Amendment for this one…both barrels.

You can tell a lot about someone by their enemies. Let’s look at Never Trump’s enemies.


Democrats whose economic policies, pro-abortion stance and willingness to use government to impose their opinions on the rest of us under penalty of law, have long been the nemesis of Never Trump. We’ve always fought them and their manipulation of public sentiment to advance toward a distant Utopian future. In recent years, the appeal of Marxism has swept them down a path toward the same distant horizon where the workers of the world would unite…under their progressive elitist handlers. Those who oppose this vision must be quarantined, isolated and silenced through politically correct thought and speech.

Having intermarried with news outlets (literally), publishing companies, the public education system, universities, Social Networking conglomerates (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc…), music and entertainment producers, Democrats have carte blanche control of the distribution of information. They are the influencers that determine what we see and, to some extent, what we think. They have culled the people into a silent acceptance of change for change’s sake.

Democrats have their hands on the levers of the machinery. Our founding ideas of America are the only cogs preventing it from rolling smoothly over the Constitution and individual sovereignty. Who better to oppose the Democrat designs than those who are most familiar with the historic war to undermine our natural rights? That is the relationship between Never Trump and Democrats. We are the wall blocking their incessant assaults against the people.


It has never been more apparent that the Republican Party abandoned its platform and campaign promises than its dealings with the Tea Party movement. Rather than accept the rebuke by Constitutionalists, Conservatives, and even Libertarians who had taken to the streets over abandoning their commitment to fiscal discipline, the GOP retaliated with an adequate RNC war chest. Rather than use their membership’s donations to combat Progressive Democrat legislation, they spent 5 years herding the party’s sheeple back into the ranks…you know…to oppose the Democrats. Since that time, they have ousted, blocked or converted those who aligned themselves with Tea Party sentiment. Doubt me on this? Where is the House Freedom Caucus now? What is their average Conservative Review Liberty Score today versus their scores 6 years ago.

The GOP has adapted to modern politics. It has undergone a metamorphosis from limited government, limited taxes, anti-abortion, strict support of the 2nd Amendment and strong defense to “let’s take government in a different direction,” “no one is really paying taxes anyway,” “we oppose partial birth abortion,” “Red Flag Laws would be a reasonable compromise,” “We defend America by attacking other countries on behalf of our real enemies who are appeased by our actions.” They claim to be fighting the Democrats with everything at their disposal, yet, they have demonstrated a willingness to concede on every issue with increased frequency.

GOP Senators and Representatives:

Of late, it has become obvious Republican legislators are available to the highest bidder. Using political capital as a currency in DC, campaign contributions and endorsements are the only power any of them recognize. When leadership disavows a particular member for their independent assessment, there is no, ‘I see where you are coming from,’ or ‘I respect but disagree with your position.’ There is only excommunication from the caucus. There is a scorched earth policy of primarying the dissenting opinion.

Among those Republicans left in office, the only ones whose seats are secure are those who heeded the examples the RNC made of those they opposed. Marco Rubio was the first to fall. There was Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Mark Meadows, Ben Sasse, Rand Paul and now Mike Lee. At one time, these were the ones we counted on to add counter measures against legislative leadership. However, we counted on men like McCarthy, McConnell and Graham to roll over. All of them have an F Liberty score. These were the ones we thought were “The Swamp.” They were the establishment Donald Trump was supposed to go to Washington to supplant when he promised “Drain The Swamp.” The auctions…I mean…the primaries have begun so make sure to make your bids.

Talk Radio and Pundits:

Many of us were raised on Rush Limbaugh, came into our own with Mark Levin and became active with Glenn Beck (remember Rally For America). We learned from their insights and they helped to form our world-view through an American lens. The Drudge Report, famous for breaking the Lewinsky scandal under Clinton, has mocked and ridiculed Never Trump. Even Brietbart, once it was freed from the independent voice of its founder, became a campaign tool for the president. Allen West, caved. Erick Erickson handed over Red State. I assume Bill O’Reilly is working on a new book, probably titled, ‘Killing Never Trump.’ Sean Hannity, as Trump’s sworn concubine, must protect his lord from Never Trump (I gotta admit, I was Never Hannity even before I was Never Trump). As mouth pieces for the administration, the FOX news lineup as well as the rising stars of New Media, are delivering a clear message of consolidating support behind the president and it is echoing on all channels. All of these combined resources portraying themselves as reasonable, appealing to voters for an alliance against the Democrats and Never Trump for dividing the nation and spinning narratives to the uninformed by manipulative facts and data, are participating in the very things they accuse their enemies of. Votes will go where the pundits lead them. Pundits will follow the money and their message will reflect that.

Trump Supporters:

It is ironic. Never Trump has always said that Donald Trump would divide Conservatives and destroy the Republican Party. Now that it has happened, Trump supporters blame Never Trump for dividing Conservatives and destroying the Republican Party. When his supporters demanded we get in line behind Trump to stop the Democrats in 2016, we emphatically refused to do so. We wrote in candidates, voted 3rd Party or voted down ballot but we did not vote for Trump. He was not merely weak on appeal but on policy as well. He had a history of failing to deliver on contracts, promises and had made numerous statements contrary to Conservative positions. What made matters worse, he funded politicians that actively opposed our views on gun control, abortion, and over-regulation.

When he rode that escalator down to announce his bid for president, his history of lies, scandal and democrat positions were washed away. It was like he had ascended to heaven and returned immaculate in word and deed. And thus has he ever been seen by his supporters.

Trump supporters, if you are still listening, Trump has not come to bring the kingdom to this earth. He does not deal in forgiveness or redemption. He has admitted he needs no forgiveness. He is all he ever needs to be. While not all of Never Trump adheres to biblical beliefs or authority, there are enough of us to add a spiritual element to the position. We utilize a measure of discernment. We know Trump’s life has been one of heresy. He can’t quote scripture. He has demonstrated no measure of repentance. He acts upon every human lust (1st John 2:16-17 16 “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. 17. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever.”) as exemplified by his many marriages, his “locker room talk” and his entitlement to grab women by their…uh…parts. Those among Never Trump who actually believe the bible, know by its witness, that he is anathema to its teachings.

By opposing us in our efforts to retain a Constitutional tether to our foundations, you have merely become one more servile contingent of Washington’s power structure. You have left solid footing to pursue an agenda of populism wrapped in the flag. You can have the last dance while God Bless the USA plays to a teary-eyed audience of worthy citizens. You can ridicule those of us whose memories reach way back to 2015, when we all thought we knew what united us. What you cannot do is claim to respect or fight for Conservatism or even the Constitution. The only thing you are fighting now is yourselves. You have to reconcile with your conscience how you were able to be swayed to defend ONE man as he uprooted you from your convictions and planted you firmly on the left side of the aisle. Quit hiding behind your political Messiah.

He claims to be fighting Democrats but they are just another class to be targeted. Seriously, what do you think a Democrat is? What do they believe at their foundation? If Democrats are socialists, are they really still Democrats? If they are Communists, why do they call themselves Democrats? Is it because the Democrat Party is using a well established political organization to legitimize a new agenda? Yes, and the same can be said of the Republican Party. This is why a core belief of many among Never Trump is the necessity to find an alternative to the duopoly. Both parties are leading America into hell and have made a good deal of progress toward their destination. Time for a Full Stop!

Those who adhere to Conservative dogma know that he has, at some point, violated every tenet of Conservatism in thought or deed. Those who know the just from the unjust refuse to surrender principle for party, indeed, most of us have left you to your party. Donald Trump is not a Conservative and if you defend him, neither are you. Never Trump, on the other hand, has the principled convictions to fall upon. So long as we do not surrender long-held Conservative positions, they are still there to be defended. You will find us right where YOU left us, holding the line. Now, rather Than fighting with us, you are fighting against us.

So what are we fighting about specifically? Why is there an identifier known as Never Trump? Why did it exist before he even won the election? Let’s look at a few things.

Donald Trump has been a public figure since the 80s. Much of his 73 years has been spent in the limelight, just the way he likes it. From getting medical deferrals during the Vietnam War to begging banks to front him $40 million per month to pay loan payments in an effort to stave off bankruptcy, from his ugly divorce from Ivanka (Half) to his subsequent 2nd and 3rd marriages, he is on the record. While building his brand, he never met a camera he didn’t like. Everyone wanted face time with “the Donald.” So there are plenty of interviews and quotes to draw from. We know he associated with the Clintons and donated to Hillary’s campaign. We know he sided with her against Obama in the Democrat Party civil war that took place in 2008. We know he used Twitter to troll Obama for his policies but we also know he praised Hillary using the same Twitter account. Even after he beat her, he still showed her respect…unlike those he beat in the GOP primary.

He is not a Conservative and has made a point to distance himself from Conservative views when it comes to policy. At the same time he uses Conservative rhetoric to sell his poisoned goods. To those who do not know better, who do not dig beneath appearances and to those who still equate the Republican Party with Constitutional Conservative principles, he is the the be all and end all of warriors for the right. When he pressured the House Freedom Cause to capitulate on Obamacare 2.0, when he signed the first (and 2nd) record breaking omnibus bills, when he endorsed red flag laws, violation of multiple Amendments of the Bill of Rights (to include the 4th and 5th among others) to take guns away from citizens, helping Planned Parenthood achieve a record number of abortions last year while attending the March For Life rally to great fanfare and demanding a veteran, purple heart recipient be escorted out of the White House by police because he testified before Congress, he demonstrated his repudiation of every Conservative tenet.

Never Trump is here and we intend to draw a line in the sand. We refuse to concede any more territory. While Democrats, long known for their willingness to undermine the Constitution, no longer have any resistance from the Republican Party, someone has to step up in defense of our waning republic. As Trump supporters are happy to tell you, Never Trump is a small contingent on the political scene. Be that as it may, we are the last stand for the Constitution, individual rights, the rules of law and America, itself. Cheer all you like. Trump is not saving America, he is igniting the gas that the Democrats have been pouring on it for decades. He isn’t saving America, but with your help, he is finishing her off. Never Trump is all that is left standing in the gap.


Eric Buss is an avid reader and studies history, military, philosophy and politics.

Eric considers himself a Christian Conservatarian.