Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republican could be out of a job

Boehner - destroy the nation for power

A few days ago I wrote about how Ted Cruz called out Mitch McConnell from the Senate floor for being a lying liar telling lies when he attached an amendment to the Highway Funding Bill that renewed the Export-Import Bank after promising Cruz and other Republicans that he wouldn’t.

In a second article about how McConnell blocked efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, I documented how national talk show host Mark Levin publicly called for the immediate resignations of McConnell and his House of Representatives counterpart, John Boehner, on his Facebook page.

Well, guess what? These events look like they might be the seeds of a new Conservative Revolution.

For the first time in 105 years in the House of Representatives, a congressman has filed a motion to remove John Boehner from his Speaker position.

On Tuesday, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) filed a “motion to vacate the chair,” saying Boehner “has endeavored to consolidate power and centralize decision-making, bypassing the majority of the 435 Members of Congress and the people they represent.”

Meadows’ motion accuses Boehner of weakening the power of Congress, “thereby making (it) subservient to the Executive and judicial branches, diminishing the voice of the American People.” It also charges Boehner of abusing his leadership position in the House to “punish Members who vote according to their conscience instead of the will of the Speaker.”

Mark Levin interviewed Meadows about the motion, praising him for his courage:

“Much like the Declaration of Independence, he’s laid a case against the crown. He’s showing the institutional corruption of John Boehner.”

“John Boehner is Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republican in the House of Representatives. So, while the Democrats should vote to remove John Boehner, many will vote to keep him because they like what he’s doing.”

Levin also pointed out that Meadows would most likely be punished for his act of bravery. Meadows seemed unfazed at the prospect, saying that he has “an obligation” to make this move, and the “punishment is surely going to come, but it’s nothing compared to the sacrifices our Founding Fathers had to make.”

“I couldn’t be silent any longer. Indeed, it’s something that had to be done regardless of consequences. This particular decision may send me home. It may make sure I don’t get re-elected, but ultimately it had to be made.”

The courage we are witnessing from Conservatives like Cruz and Meadows needs our support. Let them know you appreciate them for taking a stand on principle and the Constitution; let your Senator and Member of Congress know you support them; and demand that they do the same.

Conservatives have been feeling hopeless since the November elections as McConnell and Boehner have rubber stamped Obama’s agenda, but the events of the past week provide a glimmer of hope that we can turn this ship around.

Let’s get this revolution started!



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