Montana takes steps to stop Obama’s Gestapo

James Madison 10th Amendment

“Arming ‘peace officers’ like they’re ready to occupy an enemy city is totally contrary to the society envisioned by the Founders. (The Feds) have turned ‘protect and serve’ into ‘command and control.'” – Michael Boldin, 10th Amendment Center Executive Director

A few days ago, I wrote about how legislators in Arizona were taking steps to end Obamacare using the constitutional authority granted to the states in the Tenth Amendment. Well, it now appears that we are seeing this same approach being incorporated in Montana as the legislature there takes steps to stop Obama’s ever-expanding militarization of civilian police forces.

The bill signed into law by Gov. Steve Bullock prohibits state and local law enforcement from receiving some military equipment via the Pentagon’s 1033 program. HB330 prohibits state or local law enforcement agencies from receiving a long list of military-styled equipment, such as:

  • Armored and/or weaponized drones
  • Combat configured aircraft
  • Grenades or similar explosives as well as grenade launchers
  • Silencers
  • Militarized armored vehicles

Besides making this equipment available through the Pentagon, the 1033 program provides funds to local police departments through the “Homeland Security Grant Program,” which is funded by the Department of Homeland Security. HB330 also prohibits the purchase of military-styled equipment using that federal grant money.

Montana follows New Jersey, which passed a similar law last month, though it wasn’t as comprehensive as the Montana bill.

“By making it a local decision, the New Jersey law is a great first step, but the Montana law takes things to the next level. It closes loopholes and covers almost all the bases. The next step would be to expand the equipment banned, and we’re hopeful that the good people in Montana will work on that next session.” – Mike Maharrey, 10th Amendment Center national communications director

Obama pledged in 2008 to essentially federalize local law enforcement. In the days since the events in Ferguson, MO, the left has demanded the nationalization of local police. Meanwhile, the feds continue arming local law enforcement to the teeth with military arms while the Mitch McConnell-led RINOs in Washington give Obama the money he needs to make it happen.

I’ve posted previously about how close we are to seeing a new Gestapo in America, but if more states follow the lead of states like New Jersey and Montana, we could see the America envisioned by the Founding Fathers become a reality.

And that would be a good thing.

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