Mitch McConnell: Debt Man Walking

All you need to know about Mitch McConnell and his lack of commitment to even the most basic of Conservative principles can be seen in this excellent video released by the Madison Project:

“As minority leader, Senator Mitch McConnell should have served as a bulwark against President Obama’s demands for a blank check, especially after racking up $6.3 trillion in debt in just five years,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project.  “Yet, not only did McConnell deliver the President the votes for that blank check, he has completely adopted Obama’s false premise about default.  With interest payments on the debt hovering around $235 billion per year and revenue exceeding $3 trillion, there is no chance of default, and McConnell knows it.  Worse, he is now claiming that acceding to Obama’s demand is tantamount to ‘saving the country!’

“At some point, McConnell owes the people of Kentucky an answer as to when the cycle of endless debt and failed promises will end.  McConnell has never shown leadership in reducing the size of government and that is why he cannot be allowed to lead any GOP Majority if conservatives ever hope to change Washington, D.C.”


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