Meet the border county sheriff who scares the cartels away

There is unbounded chaos at most parts of our border, and we are pulling our hair out to find a solution. What if I told you there was one border county that is actually better off than ever, even with the growing crisis elsewhere? Wouldn’t you want to learn from its people’s actions and understand what they do right?

Mark Dannels is sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, and has worked in local law enforcement at the border since 1984. His county was once called “cocaine alley” and had a major human smuggling problem. Then Dannels became sheriff, and things started to change. He made it known that he will prosecute 100 percent of those caught with drugs. While other states and localities are becoming weaker on drug prosecutions, he didn’t give into the pressure. He enforces all existing laws to the fullest. Any juvenile picked up for drugs will be prosecuted as an adult with a 100 percent conviction rate.

Sheriff Dannels explains how being tough is actually the most humanitarian thing to do for all sides, because encouraging more juvenile smuggling dooms these youths to a life of abuse at the hands of the cartels. “You have to send the message that there are consequences for getting caught,” said the sheriff.

He also explains his success in working together with the military and the feds on monitoring cameras and how they have close to a 70 percent interdiction rate. But that requires the human support behind it of people who are willing to actually enforce the law. They do this in his county, which is why the cartels are sending everyone all along the border, but not anywhere under his jurisdiction. You don’t mess with Sheriff Dannels.



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