Franklin Graham hypocritically counsels Cardinal Timothy Dolan on abortion and morality

Yesterday, Strident Conservative contributor Lita Adrianna wrote an excellent piece about the Reproductive Health Act signed into New York law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a law that legalizes the murder of pre-born children up to the day of delivery.

Lita obviously condemned the murdering monsters for making such a black-hearted and barbaric piece of legislation the law of the land in New York, but she also called out Trump, the GOP, and pro-life groups for their failure to defend life and for their crocodile tears shed for the victims of America’s abortion holocaust.

After two years of total control of Washington, the only significant thing Trump and the GOP managed to accomplish concerning abortion was to ensure that Planned Parenthood continued to receive taxpayer funds to finance another record-breaking year for the world leader in killing babies.

However, as we know all to well, such hypocrisy isn’t limited to Republicans and the faux pro-life lobby; Trump and the GOP have the Fellowship of the Pharisees to defend their indefensible lack of courage and conviction. One of the most Pharisaic in this pack of pretend-pastors parading as protectors of purity is Franklin Graham, and he used the New York abortion law to distract his followers away from his and the GOP’s failure to defend life.

In the aftermath of New York’s new abortion law, some Catholic leaders are calling for Gov. Cuomo — a Catholic himself — to be excommunicated from the church for signing the legislation. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, thinks kicking the New York governor out of the church would be a bad idea because it would be ineffective.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Graham called on Dolan to “take a moral stand” for “right over wrong, good over evil,” and on his Facebook account, Graham lamented, “If the church loses its moral voice, then what’s the use.”

Graham is asking the right question, but unless he’s willing to look in the mirror, he’s asking it of the wrong person.

Where was Graham, for instance, when Trump and the GOP funded Planned Parenthood over the past two years? I’m guessing he was seated at his usual spot at Trump’s table where he defended Trump against Stormy Daniels last year and defended Trump against accusations of being a serial liar yesterday. As the man who assured evangelicals after the 2016 election that Trump was the answer to their prayer for a president who was willing to listen to God’s voice, where else would Graham be?

Considering the numerous unprincipled and unconditional excuses he has offered in defense of Trump’s many indiscretions, Graham’s challenge to Dolan to stand for right over wrong and good over evil is nothing more than sanctimonious rubbish.

Republicans have failed to defend life for decades, but Graham and the rest of the Fellowship of the Pharisees have done the same. These charlatans have traded G-O-D for G-O-P and are ultimately responsible for the demise of the church, which has given rise to the infanticide we are witnessing today and the decay of America.

And that, my friends, is simply the truth.



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