Majority of Americans want a new politically correct Constitution

When I wrote an article last week about how Trump was preparing to go to court to void the First Amendment via a lawsuit against CNN, I wasn’t surprised by the backlash I received from people who would cheer him even if he shot the Constitution on Fifth Avenue.

Likewise, I wasn’t surprised when the cult not only defended Trump’s assault on the Constitution, but they supported the idea that unfavorable news should be subject to government censorship.

The constitutional ignorance and indifference display by Trump’s sycophantic congregation of worshipers is dangerous enough on its own, but according to a new poll conducted by the Campaign For Free Speech (CFFS), a majority of Americans now believe the First Amendment should be rewritten to “reflect the cultural norms of today.”

“The findings are frankly extraordinary,” said CFFS executive director Bob Lystad. “Our free speech rights and our free press rights have evolved well over 200 years, and people now seem to be rethinking them.”

Unsurprisingly, young people are the most open to restricting free expression, particularly when so-called “hate speech” is involved. I’ve written many times about this generation of snowflakes and the lengths they are willing to go to silence politically incorrect speech — including the use of violence — and this new poll confirms that this attitude has continued and is growing.

A closer look at the poll shows:

  • 51% of Americans think the First Amendment is outdated and should be rewritten
  • 48% believe “hate speech” should be illegal and punished by jail and/or fines
  • 80% didn’t know what the First Amendment really protects

CFFS believes the results of the poll are driven by two primary factors, both of which carry serious repercussions.

  1. The polarization of politics and the media — While so-called conservatives dislike CNN and most likely favor Trump’s plan to sue the network for publishing unfavorable news, progressives and liberals feel the same way about “conservative” media outlets like Fox News.
  2. Though undefined by polling respondents, most agreed that “hate speech” should be opposed, rebuked, and criticized — If government is permitted to determine what is and/or isn’t hate speech, it becomes a political weapon and can be used to punish people on the other side of an issue.

Between the Snowflake-in-Chief in the White House and the snowflakes being churned out by America’s indoctrination centers (aka public schools, colleges, and universities), we are witnessing one of the greatest assaults on liberty in our history.


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