LGBT keeps finding new “rights” in the law to abuse children

LGBT agenda - teaching kids

A few days ago, I wrote about how the Obama Administration was “aggressively engaged” in promoting sexual abuse of children as it threatened to cut off federal funds for highways, schools and housing to states like North Carolina if they failed to reverse a law banning transgendered individuals from using the bathroom coinciding with their gender of choice.

In March I wrote about how the administration had committed resources of the Department of Education Indoctrination to strong arm school districts across America into fully promoting the LGBT agenda without the input of parents or doctors.

So it should come as no surprise that Education Secretary John B. King, Jr.–who was confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate in March thanks to Mitch McConnell–suggested in a keynote address to the Education Writers Association that the Department of Education would be using a politically-correct interpretation of Title IX to bully states into correcting what he termed “a terrible mistake.”

But twisting Title IX to suit their agenda isn’t the only tool in the Gay Mafia toolbox.

A nationally recognized charter school in Minnesota is being accused of failing to adequately protect their son–who now identifies as a girl–from bullying and “other forms of discrimination.” But instead of using the Title IX approach, the parents of the sexually confused abused boy are charging the academy of violating St. Paul’s human rights ordinances.

In case you were wondering exactly how the school was allowing the boy to be bullied, it was due to a decision not to allow the book My Princess Boy to be part of the anti-bullying curriculum. In addition, the boy’s parents objected to another choice by the school to pass on using I Am Jazz–a children’s book based on the experiences of  a transgender girl named Jazz Jennings, 15, who was born male and went public as identifying as female at age 6–as part of a gender education curriculum. They also objected to a decision allowing parents the option to opt-out their children from gender education.

The LGBT agenda when it comes to our children is clear: being sexually-confused is a human right deserving special protection, and parents of sexually-healthy children should be prevented from doing anything that interferes with their goals.


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