LGBT agenda: Next up, normalizing polyamory and pedophilia

LGBT agenda polyamory pedophilia

LGBT agenda: Next up, normalizing polyamory and pedophilia

The evolution from ignoring the things done “between two consenting adults in private” to the mandatory acceptance of all things sexual has been building for decades, and LGBT agenda’s push toward normalizing polyamory and pedophilia prove conclusively the “theory” of the dangers of the slippery slope.

For example, back in 2014, University of Missouri All American football player Michael Sam attempted to improve his odds of getting drafted by the NFL by declaring to the world that he is a homosexual. Though eventually drafted, Sam’s attempt to leverage his so-called sexual orientation into an NFL career failed, but it garnered him the praise and adoration of pro-athletes and politicians who hailed him as a hero.

Much of their praise was based on the classic talking point that being LGBT shouldn’t matter because it’s a “born that way” orientation. But if being LGBT doesn’t matter, why has the LGBT community been engaged in a culture war against traditional morality, and why do they feel the need to make their sexual perversion and confusion front page news?

Then, as now, the LGBT community argued that “coming out” is merely a plea for tolerance and equal treatment, but that’s a lie. Homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, et al. aren’t seeking tolerance and equal treatment, they’re demanding unconditional acceptance of their personal choices and the complete endorsement of their deviant lifestyle.

And if you refuse to cave to their demands, you will suffer the wrath of what Bill Maher once referred to as the Gay Mafia.

Not surprisingly, two of the primary targets in the Gay Mafia’s culture war against America is Christianity and religious liberty. And thanks to the courts and the feckless GOP, along with faux conservatives, the LGBT agenda has been winning.

The evolution from ignoring the things done “between two consenting adults in private” to the unconditional and complete acceptance of every form of sexual deviance and confusion has been building for decades.

The sexual revolution of the 50s and 60s gave us sex without rules. Sex without rules led to the lie of sex without consequences. Sex without consequences led to the acceptance of abnormal sexual practices and homosexuality. Homosexuality led to the redefinition of heterosexual and gender norms. The redefinition of heterosexual and gender norms has led to normalizing transgenderism, polyamory, and pedophilia.

I’ve written many times over the past many years about transgenderism and the role it plays in the culture war, but the battles coming up in the near future will move to the acceptance and legalization of polyamory (including multi-partner “marriages”) and the recognition of pedophilia (redefined as “Minor Attracted Persons”) as an unchangeable sexual orientation.

The push for the right to what Chief Justice John Roberts referred to as “plural marriage” began shortly after the Supreme Court redefined marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges and has expanded to include a push for multi-partner marriages composed of individuals from across the LGBT alphabet.

Meanwhile, using the “born this way” mantra that has worked so well to advance homosexuality and other parts of the LGBT agenda, pedophilia is being touted as an irreversible “sexual orientation” that should be accepted … even celebrated.

In a Ted Talks presentation back in 2019, a medical student defended pedophilia as an orientation, and she equated it to heterosexuality. The student also argued that since pedophiles are unable to change their “feelings,” society should change its feelings of revulsion for pedophiles.

If you’re wondering where this could be heading in the near future, or if you’re thinking that Donald Trump — provided he wins in 2024 — or his bought and paid for Republican Party will do anything to stop it, I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Trump has always been a big proponent of the LGBT agenda. He openly supported it as a candidate in 2016 and he continued doing so as president. In February 2019, Trump appointed then-U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, the highest-profile openly gay person in the Trump administration, to lead an effort to spread the LGBT agenda around the globe, including the normalization of all forms of sexual deviancy and the “decriminalization” of homosexuality worldwide.

In an editorial written for Bild, a German tabloid newspaper, Grenell defended LGBT deviancy and the “born this way” lie as “God’s truth”:

“While a student at Evangel University, a Christian liberal arts college in Missouri, I was taught by biblical scholars that all truth is God’s truth, no matter where it is found. The truth for LGBT people is that we were born gay.”

After he was picked by the Republican National Committee in 2020 to serve on Trump’s reelection team as the senior adviser focused on outreach to LGBT voters, Grenell proclaimed in a video ad that his boss was “the most pro-gay president in American history.” Trump responded with a retweet of Grenell’s declaration and calling it a “great honor”:

For those believe we should ignore the LGBT agenda and normalizing polyamory and pedophilia, let me remind you that normalizing homosexuality was the first step in their plan many years ago … and look at where we are now.


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