Leaders of character are the casualties in Bannon’s war on the establishment

In my article yesterday, I wrote about how evangelicals were largely responsible for Roy Moore and his loss to Doug Jones in the Alabama special election on Tuesday. Due to their lukewarm attitude concerning evil, evangelicals put aside character and conscience under the mistaken belief that compromising their principles can lead to a greater good.

At a time in history where the only cure for America’s sick heart is a return to our Creator who has endowed us with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, evangelicals have chosen to accept the false premise that elections are a binary choice between two evils, and that voting for the lesser evil is somehow pleasing God.

The result of accepting evil is this: America gets stuck with establishment politicians who lack, as George Washington described it, the “good moral character” necessary to lead our nation.

Unfortunately, as Aristotle once concluded, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” So, in the absence of the kind of leadership necessary to turn the country around, America has looked for other ways to fill the void in her effort to defeat the establishment.

By the way, this is how Donald Trump was elected.

By replacing conservatism with Nationalist/Populist ideology, Trump rode a wave of voter discontent into the White House, and the man credited with making that happen is Steve Bannon. Though originally given a White House job as a reward for his efforts, Bannon has left Trump’s employ in an effort to leverage his questionable success into a war against the GOP establishment that will change Washington, but will destroy conservatism in the process.

While I clearly support giving RINOs like McConnell and his band of establishment flunkies the boot, I don’t support it being done at all costs. I want to see the GOP replaced with conservatism, but that’s not what Bannon offers. Bannon offers Trumplicanism, which is just another big-government Republicrat approach to politics that embraces the establishment while simultaneously making it worse.

Like many evangelicals, Bannon supported Moore despite the ethical questions because Moore wasn’t part of the establishment. But in the aftermath of Moore’s defeat, and as Bannon reloads for another round of battle against the GOP establishment, it’s important to remember that opposition to the Republican machine isn’t enough.

America needs men and women of character and conviction to replace the GOP establishment. Without that, we’re doomed.


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