John Boehner blames conservative media for his troubles

Boehner - crowd says grow a pair

Whenever Obama isn’t playing the race card to cover his ineptitude as president, he will often resort to his backup: the “blame the conservative media” card. Well, guess which member in Congress is playing the same card; none other than the embattled Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

On Monday night, the Ohio congressman appeared on The Golf Channel, and shared with host David Feherty that things are different from what they used to be:

“Twenty years ago, when we won the first Republican majority in 40 years, there was one radio talk show host nobody had ever heard of. There was one cable news channel that just did news. And you look at today, you’ve got hundreds of radio talk show hosts all trying to outdo themselves by going further right and further right.”

Did you catch what he said? He claims that the only reason we don’t have the Republican party of the “good ol’ days” is that there is too much media, and the media we do have is going “further right.”

Boehner also told Feherty about how partisan politics had him feeling verklempt about not being able to hang out—usually on the golf course—with his BFF, Barry Obama:

“If I go down to see President Obama, the right begins to wonder what I’m up to; the left begins to wonder what the president’s up to. The president suggested, ‘Hey, you think it’s too much trouble if we play golf again?’ And I have to look at him and say, ‘Yes!'”

As I shared with you yesterday, a motion made by Mark Meadows (R-NC) has put Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republican in serious danger of losing his Speaker of the House gig, and this situation gives us just one more reason why — Boehner’s more concerned about not playing golf with Obama than he is about not doing his job for America.

While he is likely to blame everyone but himself, we need to add this situation to the list of reasons why John Boehner needs to go. We need to take action during the August recess by attending the town hall meetings of our Republican members of Congress, and getting them to commit to voting to remove Boehner when they return.




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