IRS Scandal: Why won’t Trump and GOP fire Koskinen?

In September of last year, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan put on an election-year display of cowardice when they shot down efforts to punish IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for his part in the IRS scandal targeting T.E.A Party and other conservative groups.

One conservative in Congress refused to let it go, however, and that was Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). After the 2016 election dust had settled, Jordan led an effort in December to have Koskinen impeached. Unfortunately, McConnell and Ryan shot it down again because they claimed it would disrupt the legislative calendar for 2017.

I guess corruption and scandal isn’t as important when Republicans are in charge, although, to be fair, they had the fake repeal of Obamacare to work on.

Now we receive word that the IRS scandal continues. Despite claims by Koskinen that he has been fully cooperating and that all the evidence has been surrendered to authorities, the IRS just stated in Federal Court that 7,000 additional documents that probably contain information on how they targeted conservatives has suddenly appeared.

Now, who says Washington isn’t a magical place?

Amazingly, the IRS is unwilling to make a commitment as to when or if they will surrender the documents which is why Jordan’s effort to impeach should be revived. Or, better yet, Donald “Drain the Swamp” Trump could simply give Koskinen his walking papers. But here are two reasons neither of these are likely to happen.

  1. T.E.A. Party and conservative groups are hated by McConnell and Co. almost as much as they were hated by Obama. Micky is quite fine with letting the IRS do the dirty work of destroying these groups.
  2. Donald Trump has refused to return his tax returns, probably because they contain damaging information. Firing Koskinen could be seen as a breach of ethics, although ethics aren’t particularly high on Trump’s priority list. Or, worse for Trump, his returns could suddenly, but “accidentally” leak out.

Welcome to GOP-controlled Washington.


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