Immigration issue a winner in 2016 unless RINOs screw it up

Illegal Immigration - Looking-for-Love

Based on the “hands-off” reaction to Donald Trump’s recent comments on the subject, it’s no mystery that GOP insiders think that presidential candidates who oppose immigration, whether legal or illegal, will lose any chance of winning in 2016. But recent polling from several sources seem to indicate that the issue is actually a winning one. Are you listening Karl Rove?

Some of the most notable numbers are:

  • A Reuters poll found Americans, by an almost 3 to 1 margin, wish to see immigration reduced, not increased; 45 percent want to see a reduction while 17 percent want to see an increase. 38% wanted no change.
  • 63 percent said immigrants are a burden on the economy.
  • 70 percent believed illegal immigration threatens traditional U.S. beliefs and customs.
  • Gallup found 60 percent are dissatisfied with the level of immigration into the country today; an increase from 2014.
  • A Pew poll showed 69 percent want to restrict and control immigration rates. That included 72 percent of whites, 66 percent of blacks, and 59 percent of Hispanics.

Interestingly, at a press conference yesterday, Press Secretary Josh Earnest refused to comment on the murder of Kate Steinle, who was killed by a seven-time felon illegal alien last week in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. Her killer was deported five times before taking her life and admitted he went to San Francisco because he knew he’d be able to escape federal authorities thanks to sanctuary policies.

Responding to reporters, Earnest said: “I can’t speak to this specific case. I’d refer you to DHS.” He then launched into an attack on Republicans for not passing Obama’s unconstitutional illegal immigration agenda.

Obama’s policies on immigration, or lack thereof, are destroying our culture, and, in some cases, is costing innocent Americans their lives. In addition, the majority of Americans want to see his destructive policies ended.

Meanwhile, the RINOs in Washington, who prefer to go along to get along in order to protect their powerful jobs, are happy to do what they can to keep those policies in place.