I’m still a conservative. Are you?

I’ve been #NeverTrump since the late 80’s when I first read about the systematic racism Trump’s company practiced in the 70’s and how, instead of admitting the obvious and simply apologizing for being a racist, he doubled down and countersued the DOJ for singling him out because he’s such a great businessman. Yes, Donald’s been playing the victim for a very long time. #WitchHunt!

Anyway, since he’s a media whore, I was able forced to follow his personal life and career. His ubiquitous media presence made his personal and business failings impossible to ignore and placed his left-leaning politics on full display throughout his career. This is why, when Trump descended the golden escalator in 2015 to announce his candidacy for POTUS, I told everyone that would listen that Donald Trump – running as a Republican – will destroy the GOP and will change the definition of conservatism for a generation … maybe forever.

Today, after nearly four years, I can confidently say I told you so.

Since history often repeats itself, I believe Donald Trump’s rise to power has all but guaranteed the demise of the Republican Party, a party which in large part gained prominence due to the fracturing of the Whig party. I also believe the GOP will suffer the same fate as the Whig party.

Nothing illustrates the fractures within the modern Republican Party better than its own official platform, which contains the following excerpts: (emphasis added to the most laughable claims and links to contrary evidence added)

Did I mention these excerpts, and many more like them, are STILL part of the official platform for the Republican Party? Today! Even with Donald Trump as its leader, the Republican Party claims to be the party of conservative principles.

Which brings us to the definition of Conservatism.

I’ve recently been told that because I don’t support Trump’s actions and behavior, I’m no longer a conservative. It’s also been made clear to me that unless I support his every word and action, I’m a traitor to America.

So what does it mean to be a conservative and how did I suddenly stop being one?

While there are several types of conservatism, all but one share a common set of principles, with differing emphasis. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ve put a comparison table together with an emphasis on the primary focus for each type of conservatism:

There is no denying that Trump has publicly espoused a subset of conservative talking points, but it’s equally clear from his non-conservative behavior that Trump Conservatism does not meet the criteria to be labeled as conservatism.

I wrote a piece called “Trumpservatives Unite” over two years ago – before Trump took office – describing the difference between true conservatism and Trump conservatism and I’m sad to report that everything I’ve believed since the 80’s, and predicted in 2015, has proven true.

So, to all those who support Trump and call me a libtard, Hillary-loving cuck, I ask you this: Are you a conservative or a Trump Conservative? Because you can’t be both.



Tom Milligan proudly opposes anyone who messes with the US Constitution, regardless of party affiliation. He is a pro-life, gun-toting conservative that supports the Convention of States and other measures to limit the size and power of the federal government.

Tom is the father of 4 great men and husband to an amazing wife. You can follow Tom on Twitter and Facebook.