Houston mayor will continue fight to put transgendered men in ladies showers

Houston transgender law

The conservative movement won big yesterday all across America, including Houston, TX. where voters defeated an ordinance that would allow men who “perceive they are female” to shower with women.

So, how did Houston’s lesbian mayor respond to the vote? Did she accept the will of the constituents she claims to represent? Well… not quite. Mayor Annise Parker vowed to keep pressing the issue:

“This ordinance, you have not seen the last of. We’re united. We will prevail.”

Mayor Parker shared how she felt that Houston would likely be viewed in an unfavorable light with these words of warning:

“I fear that this will have stained Houston’s reputation as a tolerant, welcoming, global city. I absolutely fear that there will be a direct economic backlash as a result of this ordinance going into defeat, and that’s sad for Houston.”

Yeah, I know that whenever I choose a place to do business or go on vacation, one of the first things I want to see is a law that makes it easy for sexually confused men to shower with women.

Still, CBS News reported that Parker “has rallied supporters of [the] defeated ordinance … telling them the fight isn’t over.” However, Parker won’t be leading the fight as the city’s mayor because she is leaving office in a few weeks. And since the candidates running to replace her fall on both sides of the issue, the city’s level of involvement is open to debate.

But Parker’s personal vendetta against those who don’t support her pro-LGBT agenda shouldn’t be ignored. For instance: losers in the Houston “bathroom ordinance” election are saying they are going to boycott Houston’s economy and they are petitioning the NFL to move the 2017 Super Bowl which is scheduled to be hosted in Houston.

While the NFL has already responded to the petition, stating that plans to hold Super Bowl LI in Houston will proceed, the effort could have more traction than the NFL is willing to admit at this time. This is the same league, after all, that has openly punished players and coaches who object to the LGBT agenda or respond in a politically-incorrect manner on the topic.

Twice the state Supreme Court ruled against the city in its defense of the ordinance, finally ordering city officials to either drop the measure entirely or let people vote on it. Houston chose option #2, and after the votes were tallied, citizens rejected the bathroom ordinance 61% to 39%.

Parker tried everything under the sun to advance her personal agenda, including a very Naziesque attempt to seize the sermon notes of pastors who opposed it from the pulpit. However, as we learned from the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, Parker is probably right…

This isn’t over!



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