Homosexual agenda brings tyranny to Houston, TX

Speak out against tyranny

It was just a few days ago that I wrote about the tyranny Americans now live under from the judicial, executive, and legislative branches of the federal government. Now comes word of more tyrannical behavior by the government from Houston, TX. and the pro-homosexual city council and mayor.

In a clear case of government bullying, the city of Houston has issued subpoenas to a group of pastors requesting any sermons they’ve written that cover the subject of homosexuality, gender identity, or mention of Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. The subpoenas came after pastors protested against Houston’s new non-discrimination ordinance that the city council passed in June which, among other clauses related to sexuality and gender identity, would allow men to use the ladies room and vice versa in an effort to protect transgender rights, according to Fox News.

As we saw in my previous piece, tyrannical behavior has come to us from many angles, but an interesting amount of it now comes to us courtesy of the homosexual agenda and the Constitutionally-protected right to religious freedom. As I documented in another article I wrote, when openly homosexual football player, Michael Sam, was in the news, this is an unavoidable situation:

“The legal struggle for queer rights will one day be a struggle between freedom of religion versus sexual orientation.” – Canadian lesbian lawyer Barbara Finlay, quoted by columnist John Leo and Janet Folger (Porter), “The Criminalization of Christianity”


The “zero-sum game” is how homosexual activist law professor and Obama EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) appointee Chai Feldblum describes the legal battles between modern “rights” based on homosexual “orientation” (read: behavior) and the traditional American principle of religious liberty.

“Gays win, Christians lose,” Feldblum said, predicting homosexuals would win most of the legal contests.

The conflict doesn’t end with homosexual issues. As the movement has always intended, homosexual “rights” have been foundational to the effort to eliminate all moral objections to deviant sexual behavior, while demanding not tolerance, but acceptance of it.

I believe that much of the success the LGBT movement, and the subsequent decline of American greatness, has been a direct reflection of the watered-down, feel good about yourself gospel so commonly preached in today’s American churches. So when we come across the rare occurence where a pastor actually speaks up in the face of evil, and when that courage triggers the Nazi-esque reaction we are now seeing from the town of Houston, TX., we must stand together against these forces and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ, along with the Constitution of the United States.

In a recent move by the mayor and town council, it would appear that they have come to the realization that they over-stepped their authority in this situation, but we must still ask the question: how could ANY government at ANY level think for even a moment think they have the authority to intimidate or bully the preaching and instruction of any church, synagogue, mosque, or any other place of worship?

Could the answer be that we are living a land where tyranny has become the new norm?

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