His FISA 702 fix shows why Amash should run for president in 2020

In January last year, Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress traded liberty for a little temporary security when they reauthorized Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) through December 2023.

However, not every Republican supported allowing the government to keep and expand its post 9-11 power to electronically spy on anyone … anytime … anywhere. Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) openly opposed it because it “allows the government to conduct warrantless searches on Americans and maintain massive troves of our data” — a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.

While liberty lost that battle, the war against Big Brother and Washington’s never-ending assault against our God-given rights protected by the Constitution continues.

Along those lines, Amash has co-sponsored a bill with Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) to amend H.R. 2740, a “minibus” appropriations bill making its way through Congress. The one-page amendment would place tighter limits on the government’s surveillance authority.

The amendment has garnered support from dozens of organizations from across the political spectrum — the ACLU, Freedom Works, and the Liberty Coalition, just to name a few — saying it will “help ensure Section 702 is only used for the purposes Congress intended and would significantly advance the privacy rights of people within the United States.”

In defense of his attempt to rein in FISA, Amash spoke on the House floor where he pointed out the hypocrisy of both parties on this issue — Republicans because they claim they want to rein in the surveillance state and Democrats because they claim they want to rein in the abuse of executive power in the White House.

Ironically, Amash’s proposal would do both while simultaneously protecting our rights.

The vote on the Amash-Lofgren amendment took place last night and failed, so the fight goes on. But the effort made by Amash proves once again his commitment to the Constitution and liberty, and it’s one more reason I would love to see him run for president in 2020.



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