GOP replacing earmarks with “congressionally directed spending”

In the months leading up to the 2010 midterm elections, the GOP minority in Congress was looking for ways to win back its lost majority after witnessing Obama and the Democrats spend hundreds of billions of dollars on a boatload of Progressive, big-government policies–including the passage of TARP and Obamacare.

As America faced the very real likelihood of becoming a Socialist Shangri-La, Republicans got back in touch with their Conservative roots–at least for a while–and took steps to reverse course by recommitting to the ideals of limited government, lower taxes, and reduced spending.

One of the areas identified as needing change dealt with the budget-busting pork-barrel spending that took place through the use of so-called “earmarks“–a practice that allowed members of Congress to snag billions of dollars for pet projects back home. And while it was always their contention that this allowed a way to target specific areas of need, the practice actually became a corrupt, taxpayer-funded way for politicians to buy votes on projects that were often wasteful and unnecessary, such as the Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska.

So, in 2010 the GOP in the House established a self-imposed ban on earmarks, and they applied it to the entire House after winning the election. The GOP in the Senate half-heartedly followed suit in the beginning–Mitch McConnell LOVES earmarks–but recently gave the appearance of supporting the ban with the passage of a rule change proposed by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ).

Unfortunately, as we’ve been learning with their fake-repeal of Obamacare, once the GOP gets the power they told us they needed to change things, all bets are off on keeping their promises. And that includes promises to reduce taxes and spending. Our first hint came when the members of the House attempted to bring back earmarks just days after the election. Paul Ryan canned the effort, and then kicked that can down the road with a promise to revisit it later.

Well, it’s later. And the return of earmarks is back on the agenda. Actually, not earmarks, but “congressionally-directed spending” as it is now called. Like clockwork, Paul Ryan is ready to lead the effort; which is appropriate when you consider the role he historically plays (see here and here) when taxes and spending are about to explode.

Man, I can’t wait to see the “congressionally-directed spending” ideas they come up with after they pass the border tax.


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