Forget Trump or Hillary and vote down-ballot!

Vote or DieFrom the early days of the current election cycle, we’ve known that there was a very high probability that Trump would lose the election to Hillary Clinton, as current polling and early voting now indicate. Unfortunately, another high probability under candidate Trump appears to be coming to fruition as well—the loss of Republican control of the Senate.

The warning bells indicating down-ballot losses for Republicans and Conservatives—no, they’re not the same—have been growing louder ever since Trump first began attacking fellow Republicans during the GOP primaries. And he’s only added fuel to the fire since being handed the nomination by the GOP establishment.

From Trump’s never-ending narcissistic behavior where he continues calling out his primary opponents who refuse to endorse him—he’s still harping on this with less than two weeks to election day—to his Twitter rants against every Republican who refuses to jump on the Trump train, the New York Liberal continues to attack the very people he will need if, by some miracle, he wins.

On top of all of that, Trump continues to work on the list of excuses he will use to explain away his inevitable loss to Hillary, from blaming the media to calling our voting system “rigged.” Besides the fact that his claims of a rigged system are easily disproven, when added to his attacks on the GOP, Trump is essentially disenfranchising voters that are vital to any chance he has of winning. And at the same time, Trump makes it nearly impossible for down-ballot candidates to win as well.

So, I’m issuing this challenge to my readers and listeners, regardless of your intentions concerning your vote for president. I’m joining the great Conservative, Thomas Sowell, in asking you to turn out on election day and vote for down-ballot Conservatives and Republicans.

You know, one of the reasons many support Trump is the belief that he can save the Supreme Court. That can’t happen if Democrats are in control of the Senate. And if we end up with a President Hillary Clinton—I just threw up a bit in my mouth—a Republican-controlled Senate is the only way to stop her nominees. By the way, Harry Reid said yesterday that if the Democrats have a 1% majority in the Senate, Democrats will toss the filibuster rule concerning the Supreme Court, making Hillary’s nominees a certainty.

One final thought; I realize that Republican leadership under Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan has been non-existent, but just as there are those willing to take a chance on Trump because we know what Hillary will do, we need to take a chance on the Republicans because we know what Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer would do with the Democrats in control.


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