Fellowship of the Pharisees betray faith, spread hate to defend Trump

Last week, Christianity Today Magazine published an editorial written by editor in chief Mark Galli calling for Trump to be removed from office for abusing his authority for personal gain and betraying his constitutional oath. Additionally, Galli called on evangelicals to “call a spade a spade” concerning Trump’s “gross immorality and ethical incompetence” and demand that he be held accountable for his behavior in order to protect the message of the gospel to the rest of the world.

As might expect, this criticism of their orange messiah wasn’t well received by the Fellowship of the Pharisees as one after another judged Christianity Today for being “liberal evangelicals” preaching a “social gospel” and for siding with Democrats “in a totally partisan attack” on Trump.

Because God’s a Republican, dontcha know. (H/T to my followers in Minnesota)

Of course, God is no respecter of persons which means he couldn’t care less about party labels. What He does care about, according to the lukewarm Fellowship, is us giving our unconditional praise and worship to “God’s Man” for making everybody rich and for doing “more for the Evangelical community” than any president in history — a point Trump himself made in a tweet where he also promised he “won’t be reading ET [sic] again.”

Lukewarm and rich, just like the Laodicean church described in the Book of Revelations. Weird, huh?

For evangelicals not intoxicated by the orange Kool-Aid, the division being sown by Trump and the Pharisees isn’t all that surprising. In fact, it was pretty much expected from the beginning.

In an article I wrote in October 2016, I shared how Trump’s rise to power at the hands of lukewarm evangelicals was God’s way of shaking the church out of its slumber, to bring light to darkness and expose deeds of disobedience (Ephesians 5:12-13).

I also pointed out how the Fellowship of the Pharisees are much like the spiritual leaders during the rise of Nazi Germany. It was their refusal to call evil by name along with their over-reliance on what Dietrich Bonhoeffer called “cheap grace” — defined as forgiveness without repentance — that created a spiritual environment ripe for someone like Adolf Hitler to seize the reins of political power.

When Pharisee Ralph Reed recently argued in his new book that evangelicals “have a moral obligation to enthusiastically back” Trump in 2020, his publisher — Salem Media Group’s Regnery Publishing — said the book would serve to rebut claims that evangelicals have “revealed themselves to be political prostitutes and hypocrites” for supporting Trump.

Despite Regnery’s claim to the contrary and the obvious insult to prostitutes and hypocrites, Reed’s book not only exposed how evangelicals have sold their souls to their orange messiah, it showed how fealty to Trump is being equated to faith in God. This has become even clearer in the reactions we are witnessing from the Fellowship to Christianity Today’s editorial calling for Trump to be removed from office.

Jesus told his disciples about the signs of the end times (Matthew 24:10-11) and said “At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.”

Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds a lot like the Fellowship of the Pharisees in the Age of Trump.


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