Fellowship of the Pharisees preach fealty to Trump, call it faith in God

In the summer of 2016, so-called evangelicals along with a bunch of prosperity gospel con-artists — a group I refer to as the Fellowship of the Pharisees — held a private get-together with Donald Trump to allegedly discuss issues important to Christians and America. In reality, it was an occasion for the Fellowship to reject G-O-D and replace him with the G-O-P where Trump — the twice-divorced, thrice-married, unrepentant, pro-Planned Parenthood, adulterous, strip-club owner — was praised for his incredible “family values.”

With their seats at Herod Trump’s table firmly secured, and with Trump’s 2020 re-election less-than-certain, the Fellowship has been busy lately building a “hedge of protection” around their orange messiah as they defend and praise him for his god-like character.

In an appearance on Tony Perkins’ Washington Watch program last week, former congresswomen Michele Bachmann, who used to be chairwoman of Perkins’ Family Research Council, defended Trump against his coming impeachment and declared that he “understands the difference between good and evil.” Additionally, she said that “We have not seen a president with greater moral clarity than this president.”

Based on past statements, Bachmann’s declaration of Trump’s morality was actually a little subdued. Earlier this year, she said in an appearance on Understanding the Times that Trump is “highly biblical” and that we’ll “never see a more godly, biblical president again in our lifetime.”

One of the prosperity gospel con-artists in Trump’s inner circle of “spiritual advisors” is twice-divorced, thrice-married — hey, just like Trump — Paula White, who was recently hired to work as an advisor for his Faith and Opportunity Initiative. White has a long history with Trump; she’s known him since 2002, prayed at his inauguration, and visits the White House often as his personal pastor.

When Trump officially announced his re-election in June, White prayed against the “demonic network” opposed to Trump. When asked a few weeks prior to her new gig at the White House about her political relationship with Trump, White said she could never say “no” to Trump because it would be like “saying no to God.”

First Baptist Church of Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress, who predicted a “civil war” if Trump is impeached and once called “Never Trump” evangelicals “spineless morons” for not supporting him, appeared on Fox Business to defend Trump for “the values [he] embraces.”

Jeffress also trumpeted that “99 percent of evangelicals oppose impeachment” because “never in the history of America have we had a president who was a stronger warrior for the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded than in President Donald J. Trump.” The Southern Baptist Pharisee also said that “the effort to impeach President Trump is really an effort to impeach our own deeply held faith values.”

If by “our own deeply held faith values” he means the values held by the Fellowship of the Pharisees — like when Tony Perkins gave Trump a “mulligan” for paying hush money to a porn star to hide his affair with her — I can see where Jeffress is coming from.

When Ralph Reed recently argued that evangelicals “have a moral obligation to enthusiastically” back Trump in 2020, I noted how if it was Jesus instead of Trump, America would be in the midst of revival. Instead, the Fellowship of the Pharisees has rejected God’s Son to worship God’s Man.


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