Federalist Party and Article V: A one-two punch against Washington

Donald Trump’s first 100 non-conservative days in office are now in the rear-view mirror, and the road ahead has turned into an obstacle course where he dodges scandals and broken campaign promises.

Meanwhile, the GOP-controlled Congress has become an enabler of Washington Dysfunction as it breaks campaign promises on vital issues such as the repeal of Obamacare and government spending.

Taken as a whole, Trump and his establishment buddies in the Washington Swamp continue to prove that the Republican party is no longer the home of conservatives. Instead, it has become the result of repeatedly making the binary choice between the lesser of two evils—not conservative but at least not Democrat.

Although, I would argue there is very little difference anymore.

Faced with this grim reality, I have become more aware of a new political party, the Federalist Party, as a viable alternative to the binary lie we are fed by the two-party machine we are fed every election cycle. The Federalist Party is committed to the Constitutional conservative values of life, freedom, and smaller government and can be the seed planted to grow a new Tree of Liberty.

On its own, the Federalist Party is limited in what it can accomplish. One need look no further than the TEA Party movement to understand that changing personnel in Washington isn’t enough to change America. The only way to right the ship is for the passengers of the S.S. America to seize control of the helm via a Constitutionally based mutiny—an Article V Convention of States.

Rita M. Dunaway, a constitutional lawyer and the National Legislative Strategist for The Convention of States Project, reminds us that the founders gave citizens the ultimate power over the government when it gets out of control:

The founders never intended for elections to be our only means of exerting our will over the institutions designed to serve us. They gave us ultimate power over our government by entrusting to us the sole power to adopt changes or clarifications to our Constitution. Where words are absent, vague, or open to a variety of interpretations, the authorities may do their mischief. But where the words and their meaning are plain and clear, even the courts are powerless but to obey.

The deed to our constitutional home is vested in “We, the People.” We can bicker forever over new wallpaper, but let us get on with the business of restoring our foundations.

The Democrats, along with the party of Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan, will never save America. But together, the Federalist Party and Article V can be a one-two punch against the Washington establishment that returns conservatism back to its roots and America back to the Constitution.


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