Eric Cantor enshrined in the G.O.P. Hall of Shame

Representative Paul Ryan receives the news of his G.O.P. Hall of Shame induction

Representative Eric Cantor  receives the news of his G.O.P. Hall of Shame induction

In 2010, the TEA Party and other Conservative groups swept 63 Republicans in to office, giving them the majority they had lost in 2006. As the pundits would later declare, this amazing result came about as a response by millions of Americans who felt that Washington–particularly Democrats—had lost touch with the electorate. In addition, they held a conviction that government was too big. It spent too much, taxed too much, regulated too much, and was slowly taking away the liberty of everyday Americans, culminating with the passage of Obamacare in 2009.

With this as a backdrop, Eric Cantor was promoted from House Minority Whip to House Majority Leader, a position John Boehner would have held had he not been promoted from House Minority Leader to Speaker of the House, a position that Cantor has his eye on since Boehner has been in danger of losing the job since the 2012 election. Yet, even though he is considered the likely successor to Boehner, based on much of his recent behavior, it can be concluded that Eric Cantor wouldn’t be much of an improvement.

In February, he voted with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi—along with an assortment of RINOs in the Senate and the House—to give Obama a ceiling-less debt ceiling. And contrary to previous negotiations on the issue, it contained ZERO spending reductions. Which shouldn’t really be a big surprise, since Republicans abandoned spending cuts under the Ryan-Murray budget deal last year.

More evidence of Cantor’s ambitions came to light in March.

In a series of moves meant to make him more palatable to the mushy-middle of mediocre politics, Cantor has announced that he will seek to find common ground with the Democrats. Some of his ambiguous ideas include:

  • Dropping the Republican push for major spending cuts to federal programs
  • Increase spending for pediatric cancer research
  • Urban poverty solutions
  • Education reform
  • Amnesty for illegal immigrants

Heck, add Obamacare and you’ve got the Democrat party platform.

Actually, Mr. Cantor might be closer to the Democrat platform than we realize. This past weekend, Cantor was one of about twenty-five members of Congress who attended an exclusive meeting with a group dedicated to defeating Conservatives in Congress. The meeting was hosted by The Main Street Partnership, a group committed to protecting the political “middle” against Conservatives.

The group’s front man, Steve LaTourette—who refers to the TEA Party Conservatives as “chuckleheads”—is good friends with John Boehner and his PAC is funded by many of on the left. As Erick Erickson reported at the first of the year, LaTourette’s group has received money from left-leaning unions, George Soros back organizations, and a major Democrat contributor.

Just like Boehner, Cantor was re-elected by his constituents based on his promise to cut taxes, reduce spending, and overturn Obamacare; just like Boehner, Cantor has reneged on those promises in the name of political expediency; and just like Boehner, Cantor has earned himself a place in the G.O.P. Hall of Shame.

Please join me as we enshrine in to the Gutless On Principle Hall of Shame . . . Representative Eric Cantor.


Disclaimer: The Republican party does not necessarily agree with our choice for the G.O.P. Hall of Shame award, but they should. My opinions are my own, and I’ve got lots of them. All opinions expressed are 100% “right” and any similarity to actual opinions, living or dead, is purely coincidental.