Earth Day 2023: Celebrating Marxism and Vladimir Lenin’s birthday

Earth Day 2023 Marxism Vladimir Lenin's birthday

Earth Day 2023: Celebrating Marxism and Vladimir Lenin’s birthday

Earth Day 2023, or as it’s better known by socialists, Marxists, and communists around the world, Vladimir Lenin’s birthday.

Many have argued that Vladimir Lenin’s birthday and Earth Day falling on the same day is merely a coincidence, but a brief look back at the history of the first Earth Day reveals what Al Gore might call an inconvenient truth.

April 22, 1970 was the centennial celebration of Vladimir Lenin’s birthday (April 22, 1870), a big deal to the global communist movement at the time. Vladimir Lenin and the communist movement preached a Marxist, anti-capitalist gospel where profit, corporations, free markets, and Western civilization were considered an evil that must be destroyed for the greater good of the working class (proletariat) . . . just like Tucker Carlson does.

When the communist movement collapsed in the late 1980’s under Ronald Reagan, many of the disciples of communism around the world found a new home within the radical environmental movement.

The connection between environmental extremism and communism is no coincidence.

The majority of environmental economists in the 1960s and 1970s believed that only socialist countries were capable of protecting the environment. It was their contention that countries operating under socialism were the only ones acting for the good of all mankind, and that free-market, capitalist countries only cared about maximizing profits regardless of the impact they were having on the environment.

On Earth Day 2023 — the 153nd birthday of Vladimir Lenin — we shouldn’t be surprised to hear the growing calls for government-controlled economies (aka command economies) and the nationalization of land, water, and other natural resources.

We also shouldn’t be surprised to witness the acceptance of socialism and communism over capitalism by the children and grandchildren of those who started the Earth Day movement. Nor should we be surprised at the radical policies they are proposing in the name of protecting the earth.

It’s in this spirit that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal has become foundational to discussions concerning the environment and so-called social justice. And unfortunately, it’s also the spirit behind the socialism-lite approach we see embraced by Republicans, Nationalists, and other so-called conservatives, which is why they have proposed Green New Deal “alternatives” over the past few years.

And let’s not forget the part played by the Democrat with an “R” after his name who previously occupied the White House.

With pressure from his advisor, daughter, and de facto climate czar Ivanka, Donald Trump appointed Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier to lead the office of Science and Technology Policy as White House science advisor. Droegemeier’s record as a radical environmentalist earned him an endorsement from John Holdren, the former science advisor under Barack Obama who openly advocated that more abortions would bring an end to global warming.

Trump was also responsible for the in-name-only withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, and his position on global warming was all over the map depending on the polls and the amount of TV exposure he needed to feed his ego at any given moment.

With Joe Biden and the Democrats currently running the show, the connection between Marxism and environmentalism on Earth Day 2023 is stronger than ever.

U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry — who makes millions of dollars from solar panels built by Uyghur slaves — boasted in 2021 about the progress made during global warming discussions with China after successfully getting Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders to finally, at long last, use the word “crisis” to describe so-called climate change.

In a in a Washington Post Live interview with columnist Jonathan Capehart, Kerry noted that in his visit to Shanghai for climate negotiations, CCP leaders signed on to a joint statement in which “China used the word crisis for the first time. … China came around and said it is urgent.”

“They didn’t just talk about plateauing or peaking, they have now agreed there must be actions between 2020 and 2030,” he added.

COVID tyranny managed to give a boost to environmental extremism. Early in the so-called pandemic, attempts were made to include AOC’s Green New Deal in coronavirus stimulus packages as a way to help the U.S. economy recover and become more resilient to the so-called climate crisis.

Additionally, the Democratic Socialists of America connected COVID and global warming, and in an official statement released in March 2020, DSA called the Green New Deal a “working class solution to the COVID-19 crisis.”

When asked in a CNN interview last year about how Joe Biden’s “Climate Day” executive orders would kill jobs, Kerry defended the orders, saying that Biden considered COVID a perfect opportunity to change the economy.

Kerry also made the COVID/global warming connection at a speech given during a December 2020 panel discussion hosted by the World Economic Forum in support of their plan to create a New World Order via the Great Reset.

“[The need for the Great Reset is] a reflection of the inability of democratic governments in many parts of the world to deliver. And I just have to put it bluntly. We’re certainly the primary exhibit. We’re exhibit number one.

“I think …. that the notion of a ‘reset’ is more important than ever before. I personally believe that we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.

“I believe no government is fundamentally going to make the climate crisis go away. Government’s best effort is going to be to create a structure which will make it possible for certain things to happen. And the next opportunity for that structure to be fully defined is Glasgow.

“Now, I don’t believe—and I think Joe Biden, I know Joe Biden believes this—it’s not enough just to rejoin [the Paris Climate Accords] for the United States. It’s not enough for us to just do the minimum of what Paris requires.” (Emphasis mine)

With Mother Earth having been elevated above Father God, even Pope Francis has joined Marxists around the world to attack the evils of capitalism, blaming the free market for COVID and global warming.

And let’s not forget the social justice crowd. In an April 2020 opinion piece for, Amanda D. Rodewald, a faculty member of the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University and fellow at Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability, blamed “poor air quality” for the spread of COVID-19 in black, Hispanic, and other “under-resourced communities.”

Environmentalism and Leninism are two sides of the same coin, which means Earth Day 2023 is also the day Marxists around the world celebrate Vladimir Lenin’s birthday.

Environmentalists Marxists of the world, rejoice! You are saving the planet! Vladimir Lenin is proud of you!


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